Scrounged the beginnings of the next hobby project out of my bits box and box of various Kickstarter rewards. Classic fantasy Orcs and Goblins, geared towards for an assortment of rulesets.

@Garrison some green stuff and a toothpick and Ahab the Gargoyle is ready to obsessively pursue the PCs!

Words of wisdom from Jeff Reints:
"Campaign worlds, whether published or just notes scrawled in some DM's binder, contain a lot of material that most players honestly just don't give a crap about."

eye contact, selfie, boost+ 

I took way too many selfies today but they were all pretty good.

@redlila I was already annoyed that the Halloween flavor got pulled from shelves (at least around here) two weeks before Halloween. This doesn’t make it better.

@redlila flavor is listed as cranberry and pomegranate. I’m only getting vague notes of pomegranate but a lot of cranberry and some other flavors I’m not sure about linger on the palate after the initial mouthful.

Mountain Dew Merry Mash-Up, the latest limited edition flavor, is not great. Probably won’t be buying any more of this.


@squeedoodle those guys are “I’m gonna lick your eyeballs” level creepy.

@Garrison I’m at the point though where if I have to buy and figure out extra special dice to play a game (DCC, Edge of Empire) I’m just not going to bother.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison lesson learned on my part. My next D&D campaign is going to be more carefully curated.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison unfortunately the campaign imploded a few sessions after that due to clashing player personalities and there being, frankly, too many players at the table. I got texts from half the group within the span of a half hour announcing they were quitting because of someone else at the table.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison to their credit they managed to squeak out of that encounter with about a dozen hit points between them.

re: Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison same here. In this instance, after being warned that a local baron was cruel, ruthless, and most likely a murderer, poisoner and trafficked with demons, the PCs went into his castle, took everything he said at face value, never sensed motive or detected evil, got poisoned and then ambushed by the baron and his summoned Shadow Demons.

Tales from D&D: Ding Dong Ditch pt 7 

@Garrison glad they had a sense of humor - I’ve had players in the past get very huffy that “they aren’t supposed to take damage.”

dnd character creation can be an incredibly powerful act of queer and/or trans self-exploration

more gay rpg things plz

@celesteh @ElfLord

The only memory I have of going through DARE in school was at the end of it getting a little membership card in exchange for promising to never do drugs that you could show at various local businesses to get discounts on purchases. You know, exactly what an 11 year old wants. The card was valid for one year after issuance.

@squeedoodle a thousand belligerent assholes was the supporting cast of my last campaign.

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