Scrounged the beginnings of the next hobby project out of my bits box and box of various Kickstarter rewards. Classic fantasy Orcs and Goblins, geared towards for an assortment of rulesets.

cw: selfie, eye contact 

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay.

cw: cat, eye contact 

Atticus is not a fan of his new hat.

cw: eye contact, selfie, silly hat 

Office Halloween party selfie. I’m a chameleon.

cat ec 

For almost three years, I thought he was just a weird cat that didn’t like boxes. It turns out I wasn’t offering big enough boxes.

As an apology, please accept an early and a WIP shot of my warband. Just a few more things to finish on this batch then I can move on to the next few figures.

a dozen sinister cult fanatics, made from the Frostgrave plastic Cultists box. Using these as fools tricked into serving the vampire countess in my undead Dragon Rampant army.

Goblin WIP. Not sure I’m happy with the skin tone; I’m going for a somewhat cartoony look and not sure I’m quite there.

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