Should- should I tell my players that the prophecy they received is couched in metaphor and not meant literally? Or do I let them try to stick their hands in a snake’s mouth to try and fulfill what they think the prophecy is?

@WilliamAdcock did the prophet tell the PCs that? I say let them figure it out by themselves, unless that leads to a certain TPK. Or, if they are totally derailing the campaign.

@jamesbeanmachine the prophecy was “trust the serpent. It’s bite will make you strong.”

Has there ever been a literal prophecy? I say let them stick their hands in the snake

@ackthrice weirdly they’re beginning to suspect that the serpent might be a metaphor, but the bite is still literal.

Have a guy with serpent tattoos, or better yet snakebite piercings try and bite them and see what happens!

@ackthrice they’re currently working with a former member of the cult that’s trying to kill them, and she was wearing a bracelet shaped like an ouroboros when they first met her.

@WilliamAdcock Dunno this game, but if it were D&D, I'd find a reason to give them a knowledge (or other relevant skill) check to figure out they're barking up the wrong tree. Other than that, I always let my players walk straight into doom. :devious_horns:​ lol

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