I know 'so bad it's good' gets thrown around a lot about movies, but the 1988 crap classic 'The Uninvited' has the BEST terribly executed monster. Also the cat noises are VERY obviously someone hitting a key on a soundboard, sometimes cutting themselves off so it goes "meow m-m-m-meow". We were laughing until we cried, funniest B film since 'Lair of the White Worm'.


@paintandwires have you seen “Cellar Dweller”? My favorite fun 80s B-trash. A comic book illustrator in the 50s accidentally releases a demon through his artwork and thirty years later his biggest fan is following in his footsteps.

@WilliamAdcock To my great shame, I've watched just about every movie with Jeffrey Combs in it that I can get my grubby paws on. XD

@WilliamAdcock That's awesome! I've never met him. I did see him in a stage play (Nevermore) but we found out the meet & greet was the day before.

@paintandwires very nice guy. I know him primarily for Reanimator but I’ve never seen him give a bad performance in anything else.

@WilliamAdcock He really does go above and beyond. In the making of The Frighteners they talk about all the work he put into making his character, how the tattoos and all were his idea, etc. He put the same work into this Yeti movie that had a $1000 opening weekend (Abominable). I can't help but respect that.

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