Years ago in a 3rd party book for 3.5 i saw an adventure that was literally a giant vault door set in a cliff and rumors of treasure behind it. Bunch of locks on the door required picking, casting spells on them to unlock, riddles, it was crazy. When you opened it finally it turned out to just be a promotion for a gnome security contractor to show off how good his locks are. I would love to put something like that in a module.

@Yoric a lot of the people I’ve run D&D for over the past ten years would be enraged to go through all that work for no real reward and go after the gnome for “wasting their time.” But with a great group I can see it becoming a story we laugh about for years to come.

@WilliamAdcock I personally dislike the idea of playing for rewards (imho computer games are better at this than tabletop anyway), so I'm all for that adventure :)

@Yoric somehow I’ve ended up playing with a lot of loot-chasers over the years.

@nezclaw Right? With any group I’ve run D&D for to-date, that would result in the entire campaign turning into a quest for “vengeance” against the security contractor.

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