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There is a themed card game on kickstarter right now ;) Apparently you have to pick yarn that matches a project card on your hand so you can cast on, you get knitting progress every turn until you can place the finished object on a blocking mat and get points. So cute! :)

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I gave my Boyfriend "Sherlock Holmes Consultant Detectives" foe Christmas - it's a new version of "Sherlock Holmes Criminal-Cabinet". I only unpacked it right before wrapping it on the 23rd and only then noticed it's an english Print - Amazon didn't show that properly. Disappointing, but I found out that there simply isn't any German version. Since this game involves a lot of reading out loud, I wasn't sure we'd enjoy that in English. #boardgames #boardgame

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Speaking of #boardgames - I also was a good girl today and reorganized our shelf. It was too full and also not well stacked anymore. We chose a few games to move to a different shelf and some that we'll give away. Looks better now and a we have some more room. Also shout-out to my dad who built us this shelf into this weird niche.

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Back from games night at friends house who have an excellent #boardgames collection. This is Talō, a game where you roll a dice to determine the block size you get to build and extend a wooden tower to reach a certain height. It's a lot of fun!

Last game of the night was
Raiders of the North Sea, which is a very elegant workes placement game. You have up to two actions each turn, one you'll make by placing a meeple on a free action on the board, the other one you'll get by removing one meeple from an action. So your available options are always influenced by what the other players have done before you. There are also different colored meeples as some actions require a certain kind, so you have to look out for that too.

Another new to me game was Quacks of Quedlinburg where you have to draw ingredients from your little pouch to lay them down in a spiral in your cauldron. Some of the ingredients have extra qualities while others are working against you. You have to carefully gauge if you add another ingredient because your cauldron might blow up! Oh! The further you'll make it though, the more points & money to buy new ingredients you get, so it's all about finding a good place to stop! Loved it!

Next up - Tokio Highway which is always a blast! I enjoy dexterity games a lot - a nice boardgame trend right now :) It's fun to watch and fun to play and it just looks cool too!

Second game was , which I was gifted through my advent calendar, I got a beautifully illustrated card every day. I have to be honest - when I read the rules I was a bit disappointed, the gameplay sounded pretty shallow, yet when we played it there was a lot of yelling and desperation in the air which I LOVE ;D It's a bidding game with some twists. There are negative cards where you have to bid high so you don't get them and if your the poorest, you instantly lose.

Had a really nice game night with friends. We started off with , a game where you must grow trees, throw shade (literally) on your opponents and make sure you get some light from the sun that moves around the board. It was my first play, really liked the concept and innovative game play. Plus - I won!

Hi everyone,
I'm new to this instance, so I'm making some .
My main is @Virelai, I'm 31, scientist from Germany.
I enjoy and I also do .
Some of my favorite games are Dominion, Suburbia, Azul, Welcome to..., Lost cities, Isle of skye and 10" to kill. I could make this a much longer list probably...

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