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We made a little photo shoot today with some friends to make our own version of the love letter for a friends 40st birthday next week. We had so much fun, the kids as well who we decided to dress up as king and queen ;) I am excited to see it printed!

Just played the new version of - not sure why they changed the game but kept the name - that probably causes confusion with the extensions, doesn't it? I liked the new version better though. I felt less desperate, less hopeless, more in control overall. The rules were a bit more straight forward too, although it was a bit hard to remember the different symbols! Anyway - we won!

Playing on and last two games people quit early because I was clearly winning. That's no fun at all.

Interesting fact though was that the german instructions for "Heaven & Ale" were written entirely using only the female grammatical gender ("generisches Femininum" not sure how to say that correctly in english), never seen that before :)

One of the authors is Michael Kiesling, the name sounded familiar so we took a look through our collection and SURPRISE - he also made Azul! :D That was unexpected. Azul is so "clean", elegant & satisfying mechanics, easy to learn - not like Heaven & Ale at all. Wouldn't have guessed that those two games could be made by the same person ;)

Another first play was Sagrada! Pretty game! Dice are drawn from a bag and in turns people can pick 2 to use in their stained glass. There are rules to follow, some fields are reserved for a certain color or number on the die. Also there can't be the same number or color directly next to each other - you'll need to think ahead a bit. There are different goal cards each game indicating how you make points so you have to adapt your game play each game. Nice simple game

Played "Heaven & Ale" for the first time today. Whew.
The rulebook isn't exactly short and I was quite confused before starting, but the actual gameplay is relatively smooth.
But! So many hard decisions. Like in Agricola, you desperately want to do ALL THE THINGS but you just can't! And the occasions to actually reap the fruits of your hard work are extremely rare. You want to wait so you'll harvest more but if you don't want to go bankrupt you have to do it now. The Desperation!

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#boardgamers of the #fediverse, is having it's first birthday on March 22. @fabian and others have suggested having an online #game day on BoardGameArena or perhaps some live streaming of games? What do you think? Sounds fun and anyone or any instance can participate! @mxfraud

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There is a themed card game on kickstarter right now ;) Apparently you have to pick yarn that matches a project card on your hand so you can cast on, you get knitting progress every turn until you can place the finished object on a blocking mat and get points. So cute! :)

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I gave my Boyfriend "Sherlock Holmes Consultant Detectives" foe Christmas - it's a new version of "Sherlock Holmes Criminal-Cabinet". I only unpacked it right before wrapping it on the 23rd and only then noticed it's an english Print - Amazon didn't show that properly. Disappointing, but I found out that there simply isn't any German version. Since this game involves a lot of reading out loud, I wasn't sure we'd enjoy that in English. #boardgames #boardgame

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Speaking of #boardgames - I also was a good girl today and reorganized our shelf. It was too full and also not well stacked anymore. We chose a few games to move to a different shelf and some that we'll give away. Looks better now and a we have some more room. Also shout-out to my dad who built us this shelf into this weird niche.

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Back from games night at friends house who have an excellent #boardgames collection. This is Talō, a game where you roll a dice to determine the block size you get to build and extend a wooden tower to reach a certain height. It's a lot of fun!

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