First play for "Wingspan" yesterday! It's so pretty and you can tell how much effort and work went into this.
I expected it to be pretty complex but turns out, the mechanics are all well thought out and everything just kind of falls into place - really well done game!

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Feels reeeeally good though, if you do manage to combine the powers & skills of all players after like 20 minutes of discussions and going back and forth!
I see how that can be really satisfying. And I really do like intense co-op games. Reminded me of some Pandemic play throughs were we thought we'd lost but kept on thinking and bouncing off ideas until someone finally came up with something that actually works and saves us all - oh the pure joy!

Played for the first time today. We weren't mentally prepared for it though. Boy, it's difficult. Don't try to play it for the first time when you're tired, like we did.
There are so many different options and combinations and you really have to think hard and have long discussions to find the best combinations of skill cards to play. Love the theme, it's co-op and you play spirits trying to protect and island and its native population from colonizers. It's pretty too!

My brother visited and as a geographer and player - he loves Suburbia! And we do too.
My Boyfriend managed to work himself down into debt so he couldn't really do anything the last 3-4 rounds - that never happened before. In the end, I won and for the first time, landed perfectly at the end of the score board.

We did it! We completed a full game!
It only took us 7:45h :thinkergunsunglasses:

Through the Ages was enjoyable, but since the dynamics don't change a lot through the game, it should be a whole lot shorter. We accomplished this one play through and that was enough for everyone involved ;)
Lots of reviews said that once you're behind, it's almost impossible to catch up and we have to agree with that. I won and the last 2-3h, it was pretty clear I would and there was not much they could do.

Through the ages... Long term hit on boarsgamegeek... My friend had this for almost 10 years, played twice, never finished - always ran out of time.
We started Saturday at 12 - not our usual time ;) With us having to learn the rules, eat some waffles (yum) and a friend having to leave at 5:30 pm - we only managed like a third of the game....
Uff. So long.
It's not SUPER complicated, and it was fun so far, but it'll surely not be a fav for me. We will try again next week though!

Update: Definitely better with more than two people ;)
Enjoyed the game a lot!
The Boyfriend was Long John Silver this time and he had so much fun being smug. And us other players getting more desperate and angrier :D The more cussing from us, the better, hehe.

First game of Treasure Island - only two players to test it out. As suspected, it's not really a two player game. As a Pirate, seeing how other players react to clues and deduce from that is more fun. As Long John Silver who hid the treasure (me) you can bluff twice and the Boyfriend had little chance to figure out what was true and what wasn't. He ended up finding it in the end but the process was a bit frustrating for him. Looking forward to playing it with more players though!

The rare moment when a YouTube comment is actually helpful!
The Shut up an Sit Down Review of "Treasure Island" made me buy the game - although there was one big drawback with the that almost won't show on the board you're supposed to draw on. Someone suggested chalk markers in the comments and it's a big improvement! Plus, chalk markers are pretty cool!

A new Roll'n'write game in our collection - Calavera. In this Día de Muertos themed push your luck game you cross out the fields corresponding to the colored dice to make points. If you roll skulls, your opponents get to cross out fields too, but: there is a death zone, if you cross it you get less points or even lose points. To avoid that, you can "freeze" points by rolling 2 or 3 roses.
It's a quick, easy game but it's great fun to push others into the "death zone" :demon_content:

Thought I will probably lose this round of Isle of Skye until I found a ray of hope at the end and thought I might actually be able to pull off a close win. I went ahead when counting the points and started grinning - until the Boy dropped a shitload of money from his hands giving him extra points. The neighbors might think I am an abusive bitch for all the things I've yelled while the boys snickered in pleasure. Damn!
First play with the Journeyman expansion - adds a lot of depth!

I feel like we bought "Patchwork" by Uwe Rosenberg FOR ME, because of the textile theme and so on and.... the Boyfriend always wins. THIS IS NOT FAIR!

Next: space cadets, a coop game where each player has certain tasks to do like moving the ship, producing energy, attacking opponents, building up shields etc. Every task is usually done in a 30 second time frame and some are a little bit like mini games. For example, attacking was done by laying out tiles in a certain shape (think ubongo) and then flip a token on a scale bar to assess damage for each shape.
Fun game, but we're not 100% confident yet we played everything correctly

Another boardgame night and new games to try. First was showtime - easy going and funny game where each player places cinema guests to maximize their own points by getting good seats and character based bonuses or sabotaging your opponents. For example - A certain character needs to pee often, so gives minus points to everyone else in that row if he doesn't have an aisle seat. An old hearing impaired man will get bonus points in the first row, minus in the back etc. Fun little game!

Also played Office21, fun little card game, although we had a little difficulty understanding the symbols and had to look at the rule book more often then we would like. It was also way after midnight so maybe we were just slow ;)
Lots of different ways to win this game, I liked it.

Played Cacao this week and was surprised how nice it was. Smooth mechanics, very easy to understand yet still challenging - I like games like that :)



We made a little photo shoot today with some friends to make our own version of the love letter for a friends 40st birthday next week. We had so much fun, the kids as well who we decided to dress up as king and queen ;) I am excited to see it printed!

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