Board game recommendations for something cute and rather chill?
I really like Machi Koro and Tokaido for being competitive but still really relaxing, so I'd love to hear about some board games similar to those! 😊

I like Petal for how gorgeous and laid back it is. You'll be hard pressed to find a game prettier than Tokaido, though!

@Vampurrrrr have you tried hanabi?
Thats fairly neutral in theme, lot of fun

I can't think of anything more chill than tokaido 😀 but last weekend I played Photosynthesis. You...plant trees. Relaxing but also mind engaging. Very unique experience.

@Vampurrrrr Patchwork and Cottage Garden are two very similar games where you try to Tetris the best quilt or garden, respectively. They're very cute and chill and I love them both!

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