Hey everyone! I am Dizzy.
I've been into boardgames / tabletop games since I was a kid, and still enjoy them now!
I first heard about D&D from my mum, as she was big into boardgames and video games as well.

I'm also big into video games as well, and love chatting to people about them! Feel free to say hi! 😀

@Vampurrrrr Hi, I'm Wyrd.

RPG fanatic, inveterate DM/GM.

Feel free to follow me / HMU for RPG related wibbling. Currently playing a lot of D&D5e, but conversant in many other systems as well.

Have a scroll down my media for arts of my current D&D characters: Sundays - Ariadne - Half drow in a green outfit, Tuesdays - Skadi - Half elf in chain and a blue tabard.

Hello and welcome! Still really new myself and trying to get to know people. What are some of your favorite board games?

@Draconick Thank you! And welcome to you too 😊

I really like Pandemic, Tokaido, King of Tokyo, Catan, Machi Koro, Arkham Horror and Eldritch Horror.

What about you? ^^

I've only played King of Tokyo like twice, but it was really fun! Have wanted to try Arkham Horror and/or Eldritch Horror, but haven't been able to make that happen yet.

Axis & Allies and Zombicide are ones I really enjoy. Played a good bit of Battlestar Galactica with friends (the FFG board game is incredibly fun.) Honestly looking to expand. My personal collection is pretty small, as is the pool of people to play with at the moment. 😅​

@Vampurrrrr So does that mean you had family DnD night instead of family game night?? That sounds awesome!

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