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I love that Silvia brought copies of her signature glasses for everyone to try on

Nicole Byer: (too teenage Baker) What do you want to be when you grow up?
60+y/o Professional Baker Silvia Weinstock: Me?
Nicole: No you’re already grown up!

Nailed It! Invited Silvia Weinstock back! She was the best guest judge and I am so ready for the rest of this episode!!

"Fuck answering riddles," the harpy said, wings unfurling. "Pay me three compliments instead."

#dnd #fantasy #microstory #mastoart

Watching Nailed It Holiday special and oh god is it bad!

Waiting to pick my date mate up from the bus stop and listening to The Adventure Zone. Not a bad way to be bored

Happy coming out day, btw! :heart_pride: :heart_ace:
Remember that RPGs should be a good safe place to explore yourself and who you are, and that's always a good thing

scrolling through a chronological, ad free tl is giving me slight you-wake-up-in-a-socialist-utopia greentext vibes

It doesn’t feel like a Friday. Feels more like Thursday. Like I still have another day to go but I will take this early feeling weekend!

Fun fact: the level I was placing haveables in is briefly visible in this trailer, along with a couple other levels I've had a hand in

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I've only been on Mastodon for one day and already I think this is what the Social Media in my campaign setting would probably look like.

I've been having a lot of fun with having a far future setting. My characters have open source cell phones and social media. And it's just fun that I can just give them information by having it pop up in their news feed

Finally chose an Avatar and I'm not surprised it's my character from when this Tabletop game was going to be a Larp. Picture is by my friend Shelby, who streams games and art on Twitch as Terrastraza

I’m not jumping ship from Tumblr persay but I realized I basically never post anything myself over there so I’m trying to be more open about myself.

tiny brain: I know exactly what needs to be done and fuck anyone who disagrees
normal brain: Only my preferred tactic would work, but I'll left unity I guess because it'll get other leftists off me and sometimes they'll help me back
bright brain: My preferred tactic is the most effective one, but yours is still good (though inferior)
galaxy brain: We need a diversity of tactics. I'll do what interests me most and you should too, and we'll support each other because all of our actions are vital

So excited for Psychonauts 2!!! It looks so good but the art style is still there! We might get to go into Ford’s mind!!!

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