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Watching on with some folks as part of a countdown to is a lot of fun

I’m gonna have so much fun with these Unionized NPCs. The company that they work for would probably just kill them but I like them so the Company isn’t gonna succeed and these guys are going to be like in the early days of the IWW and the Teamsters when the difference between Union worker and Mobster was pretty thin.

Me two weeks ago: Okay so after this fight they got into in the last session, they have the encounter with the Curious Spirit who only speaks in questions, then the Mini Boss Fight, then they go into the giant Deforester Vehicle Dungeon. I hope they don’t mind I didn’t finish the last floor of the dungeon yet

Me now: So they finished the fight took the Minions captive and now they’ve convinced them to Unionize. It’s been two sessions and they haven’t even gotten to the mini Boss.

Under the Open Sky was originally just a working title but I really like how Acronym is pronounced like the Uto in Utopia and it just seems to fit really well.

Last Night in my weekly game the party fighter and healer both couldn't make it to game leaving just two Face Characters and a Mage to figure out what to do. So they started talking to the guys they beat up last session and pointed out how the evil corporate Big Bad doesn't care if the workers got hurt and now the Minions are forming a Union.

The Boss is going to be alone next week because his Minions are on Strike!!

I promise I'll get a real Icon at some point but for now that Elephant is too cute

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