Do not help ICE in any single way shape or form.

any warrants they may have must and absoulutely must be signed by a judge and not ICE’s “warrants”.

Do not answer the door without looking.

Do not answer questions.


My mom was born in Mexico, immigrated to the US and became a US citizen. not everyone is this blessed and a chunk of my family is still in Mexico so you best fucking believe im very vocal on those surviving the ICE raids

#RT #RTplease #Boost #ICEraid

there's enough evidence for me to start assuming that the person who died sabotaging the ICE buses in Tacoma was named emma durutti and used she/her pronouns

her audio manifesto is signed "emma durutti" and it contains a track called "i was a girl". On facebook she had a profile that is till up and is obviously been being used since 2018 that contains the following:

a facebook profile belonging to…

nsfw, playing Slash 

"Nobody would work if they didn't need a wage to buy necessities" and "find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life" are incompatible philosophies

Oof. Here's your periodic reminder that infomercial ads often feature products intended for use by the elderly and disabled and that comments about laziness or stupidity are not just wholly unwelcome but vile ableism.

Disabled people exist.

The elderly exist.

Not everything caters to the able bodied person.

bugs, wasps, no picures 

Today at the park I taught the kids how to make lanyards. My favorite has always been the cobra stitch. I ended up making myself a Ouroboros bracelet.

@jeff @Louisa look, Daddy Yankee is responsible for two of the greatest moments in PR-American relations:

1) “Despacito,” passim.
2) When John McCain didn’t understand that “gasolina,” in the song “Gasolina,” is a metaphor for cum, and told an audience in NYC, in front of an apparently-horrified Daddy Yankee, that “what this economy needs is more ‘gasolina!’”

Taking a little break now but if you were a kobold kid or home-type parent and a human (or some kind of stranger!) woke up in your village... what might you do to respond?

For example, my mom would immediately set this human to work Being Tall for her. And then reward them with stew.

Looking for funny and creative ideas. This is going in a free twine game, tho, so PLEASE specify if you don't want me to riff on/build from your answer.

@brightneedle do what any mature individual would do upon meeting someone of a different culture, ask them to teach me swears words

Was filling out emergency contact paperwork (not pictured for obvious privacy reasons) when I realized that the construction paper we had put was the colors and almost the order of the non-binary pride flag

During the summer I work at a park these roses grow in the neighbor’s yard and peek through into the park.

@UtOS Ah, daylilies. Many varieties, possibly “Stella D’oro” which is very common.

xenophobia, conservative relatives, us pol 

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