Another example that the #rich are the most polluting scum on this planet. Let's get rid of the rich and solve #ClimateChange!

*Cruise Ships Pollute Port City Air More Than Cars*

"Cruise ships are choking Europe’s port cities, with the biggest cruise company, Carnival Corporation, emitting 10 times more sulphur oxides (SOx) than all of Europe’s 260 million cars, finds new research published by the European Federation for Transport and Environment, T&E, on Friday.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, the world’s second-largest cruise operator, emits four times the SOx of the entire European car fleet.

Spain, Italy, Greece, France and Norway are the countries most exposed to cruise ship air pollution in Europe. …"


Sunbeam Meta // Why I left the coop // Anarchism On Paper Vs Anarchists in Practice Show more

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/ My name is Dee I’m a Genderqueer Bisexual Bear I’m writing a Solarpunk RPG called Under the Open Sky or UtOS.

I started up here in December but was using a different instance as my main. I’m back I post a lot of pictures of Flowers, and stories from my Playtest. I also Boost Anarchist Communist politics.

merry christmas, Utada is Bi and Simple and Clean is the anthem, never fuckin' forget

No but the animal design was inspired by AtLA’s combo animals however where AtLA names their animals with both names ex. Skunk-Bear I prefer portmanteau’s and puns Ex Skear (pronounced Scare)

Other creatures I have put into this game

Sheetah: 1/2 Sheep 1/2 Cheetah the worlds fasted prey animal makes the ugliest sweaters if you can catch it

The Boboalink: 50% Boa Contrictor, 50% Bobolink bird, 100% a Feather Boa joke

Creatures my players have encountered so far:
Tigorilla, half tiger half gorilla
Parrotkitt, half parrot half fox
Rhinelaphant, Half Rhino half elephant
Quarter Horse, 1/4 zebra, 1/4 camel, 1/4 giraffe and of course One Quarter Horse

No but like seriously imagine you suddenly remember you have a child and that the last time you saw them was a year ago that’s what happened to his mom. And that was in KH2 he went on a bunch more adventures since then

I’m glad Kingdom Hearts 3 gave Sora a Phone so he can finally Call his Mom and let her know he’s not Fucking Dead!

@Yoric No, there quiet a few aliens in this setting. These ones are from a Massive Space Station out in deep space. It was mysteriously dislodged from it's orbit and the only way they have off the station is a warp pad that used to take them to their planet and back but now it appears to be a one way trip. They show great respect to those who choose to leave the station in hopes of finding their home and rescuing the station which has been floating in space for centuries

@Yoric on the surface they find refugees from an oppressive government and civil war; misfits who took on a dangerous mission to find their lost home planet in hopes of earning some respect; Robots who grew bored of their static lives among their immortal kind.

@Yoric Under the Open Sky takes place 390 years in the future. Corporate greed pushed us over the world into Climate Catastrophe and so Humans went underground to survive until the surface was habitable again. 300 years later the world has healed. When humans arrive on the surface the find they aren’t alone. The surface now holds many new people. They must learn to work together to survive without recommitting the mistakes of the past.

I’m bored ask me questions. Might as well let you folks get to know me. And an seems like a good enough way to do it

Skrillex follows the organization XIII naming convention with an X in the word Killers, making him a potential candidate as the 14th seeker of darkness. in this essay i will

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