I’m bored ask me questions. Might as well let you folks get to know me. And an seems like a good enough way to do it

@UtOS What's "Under the Open Sky"? I mean, according to your bio, it's a homebrew game, but I'd like to know more :)

@Yoric Under the Open Sky takes place 390 years in the future. Corporate greed pushed us over the world into Climate Catastrophe and so Humans went underground to survive until the surface was habitable again. 300 years later the world has healed. When humans arrive on the surface the find they aren’t alone. The surface now holds many new people. They must learn to work together to survive without recommitting the mistakes of the past.


@Yoric on the surface they find refugees from an oppressive government and civil war; misfits who took on a dangerous mission to find their lost home planet in hopes of earning some respect; Robots who grew bored of their static lives among their immortal kind.

@UtOS Home planet? Did some of mankind escape into space?

@Yoric No, there quiet a few aliens in this setting. These ones are from a Massive Space Station out in deep space. It was mysteriously dislodged from it's orbit and the only way they have off the station is a warp pad that used to take them to their planet and back but now it appears to be a one way trip. They show great respect to those who choose to leave the station in hopes of finding their home and rescuing the station which has been floating in space for centuries

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