us pol, vp debate 

Pence: Biden wants to do something Good! And that’s Bad!

Harris: Biden doesn’t want to do something Good!

BLM Facebook argument with racist family member 

Racist pro-cop family member I can’t stand just stopped arguing with me and my dad to say “I still love you both regardless of your political opinions”

Option A: High Road: Lie and tell him the same.
Option B: “I don’t believe being against the murder of black people by police is a political opinion.”
Option C: Low Road: “You only say that because we deliver your groceries and we only deliver them in obligation to family.”

nsfw, text, visual novels, kink 

I just started playing queer visual novels I got in a bundle and so far out of the two I've played both have been hot as fuck.

Both of them have hit my blindfold kink button perfectly. Do all visual novels have blindfold kink or is just the queer ones?

eye contact, selfie, thirst trap maybe, shirtless 

It’s been a while since anyone has called me cute, validation is welcome

@queeranarchism @dawnstar I think the easiest and least ambiguous way to express this thought would be "things should be owned by the people that use/need to use them"

Houses should be owned by residents, not landlords. Workplaces should be owned by workers, not bosses. Trains should be owned by commuters, not capitalists. Aquifers should be owned by the people drinking the water, not someone hundreds of miles away. And they should be owned by everyone that uses them, collectively

The only confusion I've seen with this sentiment has taken the form of "so when I'm not wearing the clothes in my closet people can just come take them?" to which the answer is "that'd be a dick move, so no."

Did I get told I messed up big time, look into the problem, find it wasn’t nearly as bad as originally assessed, prove it wasn’t even a huge over sight on my part, come up with a quick solution without panicking or avoiding the problem? Do I have a functional relationship with my anxiety?

gross body stuff 

Why can I taste anxiety now? Why is it now when ever someone tells me I fucked up I taste acid? It’s like throwing up in my mouth without any regurgitation. Just oops I’m stressed time to taste acid! Does my brain think I have been missing the signals since I started taking anti anxiety meds? I have had anxiety for almost all 30 years of my life why is it now it decided to add a flavor element? And how to I change the flavor? Can I get anxiety that tastes like chocolate please?

break up negative 

If I had known when we broke up, and she said she wanted to be my best friend after the break up, just how long it might take us to be able to be friends again (we still haven’t reconnected) I would have fought harder to stay together

1st of the Month Birthdays are the worst it’s so easy to forget your own birthday is coming up. Like I’m just not in the right headspace to think about my birthday because I ascoisate my birthday with March but if I wait till March it will literally already be my birthday

Thinking about my favorite place holder name that just had so much raw power that it just became the name.

The Powers That Were

The best thing about being non-binary is that no matter who I am attracted to it’s gay🌈

When I was a kid I used to make jokes about wrestling being gay and all about grown men holding each other because I didn’t like wrestling .

Flash forward to now and I make those same jokes because now I like wrestling and men.

Neural net + jello 


I have trained a neural net on a crowdsourced set of vintage jello-centric recipes

I believe this to possibly be the worst recipe-generating algorithm in existence

vague spoiler for Broken Earth Trilogy 

And it can be hard to predict shit because the way Jemisin hides things is genius. She explains it right in the middle of an Interlude in book one. “People don’t pay attention to what’s not there.” The big reveals are about things that aren’t mentioned but probably should be if they existed. The absence is conspicuous but first you have to know something is missing at all

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N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Trilogy is so fucking good! She writes such a unique world and crafts a one of a kind narrative so that you can’t rely on knowledge of tropes to predict what will happen, BUT if you are paying attention you realize things just before they are revealed and you feel so fucking smart for figuring it out.

How did I write this whole thread and not make a Twin Twink pun

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Also my principal came to be to day saying she heard good things about me from my students who say they feel comfortable around me and I make them feel seen and heard and respected.

I feel good!

I have been doing my library knitting thing for an hour and already I have taught two students to loom knit!

lewd, but medical 

I’m starting to wonder if I’m masturbating less because my anxiety meds are impeding my libido, or if I’m masturbating less because having my brain chemicals in wack make me need the endorphin rush less

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