merry christmas, Utada is Bi and Simple and Clean is the anthem, never fuckin' forget

No but the animal design was inspired by AtLA’s combo animals however where AtLA names their animals with both names ex. Skunk-Bear I prefer portmanteau’s and puns Ex Skear (pronounced Scare)

Other creatures I have put into this game

Sheetah: 1/2 Sheep 1/2 Cheetah the worlds fasted prey animal makes the ugliest sweaters if you can catch it

The Boboalink: 50% Boa Contrictor, 50% Bobolink bird, 100% a Feather Boa joke

Creatures my players have encountered so far:
Tigorilla, half tiger half gorilla
Parrotkitt, half parrot half fox
Rhinelaphant, Half Rhino half elephant
Quarter Horse, 1/4 zebra, 1/4 camel, 1/4 giraffe and of course One Quarter Horse

No but like seriously imagine you suddenly remember you have a child and that the last time you saw them was a year ago that’s what happened to his mom. And that was in KH2 he went on a bunch more adventures since then

I’m glad Kingdom Hearts 3 gave Sora a Phone so he can finally Call his Mom and let her know he’s not Fucking Dead!

I’m bored ask me questions. Might as well let you folks get to know me. And an seems like a good enough way to do it

Skrillex follows the organization XIII naming convention with an X in the word Killers, making him a potential candidate as the 14th seeker of darkness. in this essay i will

Throwback to that time I made a Hockey player Boss who had all sorts of bonuses to moving over ice and then a player dropped the stat he used to move over ice by one and he failed his next movement roll by ONE and he fell flat on his face and didn't get up until the end of combat when the protagonists spared him.

Then when handing out loot I gave the players an item he had on him that would have let him reroll any failed roll to move over ice three times.

My DM would let it happen then make you regret it. In a Narrow hallway we joked about getting my Rhino Companion to climb so I rolled and got a Nat 20. Now he’s 10 feet above the party and needs to roll another Nat 20 to stay up there or get safely down without crushing us. Guess what we didn’t get to happen a second time .

I recommend everyone block this instance they are racist, Nazis, homophobes, sexist, transphobic and worse. Get your Instance owner to block it to hell.

Gee Utada, how come Nomura lets you have TWO keyblades?

the reason you need to CW your nudes and porn isn't because someone might be at work. it's because someone might not want to see nudes or porn.

this message has been brought to you by the association of people in favor of content warnings that actually say what the content is.

I’m really surprised we got to see the opening cinematic with still more than a month till 3 The video is really cool and just like the Kingdom Hearts 2 video it does a great job of showing off the past games in a really pretty way

(there's been a lot of old samoyed favs on tumblr a year+ ago lol)

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