I also have this idea for a super hero who is all about the rescue and could not give a rats ass about fighting villains.

Like so much so that villains will clue them into their plans early so that the hero can figure out how to protect all the civilians.

“I’m going to use my Earthquake machine to rob every bank in the city.”
“Cool what’s the radius on that?”
“It’ll be restricted to just the financial sector.”
“Awesome any chance you could do this robbery at 3am so their will be fewer ppl”

I keep seeing this criticism of “No Kill” Superheroes and the “If you kill you are no better than a criminal” and I some of the criticism is valid because ethics in comic books are super simple but now I really want a super hero who’s reason for being No Kill is that he doesn’t want to be like a cop.

Like no one in Gotham is afraid of the cops but all the criminals shit their pants at the sign of the Bat. I want the opposite. I want a hero who is all about Restorative Justice and De-escalation

Literally NOBODY becomes a cop to actually help ppl. Nobody. You become a social worker, a teacher, a fire fighter, a care taker, a nurse, a doctor, a sanitation worker, an organizer etc. You become a cop for power and control. If you’ve ever dreamed of bullying ppl, beating your wife, being the judge/jury/executioner with complete impunity, you want to be a cop.

Today I learned that the NJ Turnpike is considered Private Property and that if you call AAA Roadside Assistance while stuck out there with a flat, they can’t help you.

And you have to call the Turnpike for help and pay them whatever they charge you. This was an object lesson in why Private Property is bad

Good Place 11/14/19 Spoilers 

education, incarceration, racism, restorative justice 

education, incarceration, racism, restorative justice 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Spoilers 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Spoilers 

Fire Emblem Three Houses Spoilers 

Shout out to my class mate who not only gave my a jump start tonight but also, after hearing that I was an hour from home with very little gas and my wallet had been stolen, drove with me to a gas station and put $25 worth of gas in my car. Today was the first time we ever met.

having a Shadow Heartless for a pet but calling it a cat and silently daring anyone to contradict me

Playing Infamous: Second Son and the DUP (fascists military police) show up with their sirens going and my little brothers Guinea pigs start singing in a way that sounds just like the siren.

Bro I think your Pigs are Cops

watching Seis Manos 

US fascism + ICE, call to action 

happy birthday nomura you're the best and also fuck you and every narrative decision you have ever made super excited for kingdom hearts 4

Made the Union Rep’s day today when he asked if he had given me his “Join the Union spiel” and I told him I was already planning to sign up.

Then he helped me write an email to HR to ask when they were gonna have me in to sign my contract and get my health insurance.


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