a little rainy day solo Ranger of Shadow Deep. Was going well until a building collapsed and took out my ranger Hammfist. He lived but feels like poop.

finished up Viscid last night. We had a great time. I saw an actual play (garblag I think) where they gave an epilogue about what the NPCs were doing after the mission so I wrote one up and my players LOVED it. A great way to wrap up your scenario.

My son is home for a few days. We are going to play some for the first time. Excited!

I think I'll run Things From the Flood next for my group. Any thoughts on Tales VS.Things?

Oh.....you did that? Delta Green Viscid SPOILER 

One of the agents has been infected by one of these creatures.

They decided, with little to no medical training between them, to amputate this agents arm in a hotel room to try to stop the infection from a scratch he received.

The agent lived but what a nightmare lol They cranked the TV up to drown out the noise of them cutting this agents arm off. They used a belt, an oven element, a leatherman utility knife, UV light, and an Axe. 🤢​

if you could tell someone new to the hobby to try 3 games other than D&D and its derivatives what would you suggest and why?

For me:

Ten Candles - so they can see that mechanics do matter if they are done right.

Blades in the Dark - so they can see a totally different way to play a ttrpg that is amazing and interesting.

Traveller - so they can experience the most amazing character creation.

Delta Green Viscid Spoiler 

Well this should be the final session for my group in Viscid and one of my players who is "infected" (effectively out of the story) will be assimilated by the Big Bad and my player has agreed to take over and play the Big Bad in the finally. Glad I get him to keep playing and he's EXCITED to play the role of the bad guy.

Have you ever had one of your players play the BBEG? How did it go?

Favorite Games I have run in the last year.

- Mothership - Space Horror

- Delta Green - Modern Cthulhu

- Genesys Star Wars Edge of the Empire

- Blades in the Dark - Goth Crime Syndicate

I've run some other new to me games that I have enjoyed as well but these are the ones I've enjoyed as the GM. All great systems and settings.

What games have impressed you as a GM or player in the last year or so?

Had a great session of Detla Green last night. Juggled two separate investigations/encounters last night as my agents split up. It wasn't too hard to juggle because we are doing combat/encounters in theatre of the mind mostly so it was easy to flip back and forth between the two groups and keep everyone engaged.

We played a bunch of Star Wars last year. I have to say, I really enjooyed starting each session with Rolling for Obligation and for Dark Side/Light Side points. It was a fun way to get into the session and get going - start with some rolls and laughs and ooohs and aaahs. Great mechanics.

Got a game tonight. I am now at the part of my prep where I realise I have so much to do (probably not but that's how I feel) and all I want to do is eat and sleep instead of doing prep. Pregame anxiety is on deck!

tonight. Our 5th Session which started with Last Things Last and is now into Viscid. I won't spoil anything but to say my agents are separated and in trouble. Should be a good time ;)

I'm the GM for a 5e Tomb of Annihilation campaign in person game right now.

I'm also the handler for a game playing Viscid. We are getting near the end in that one.

Not sure what game we'll play next with that group. I have 20+ ttrpg books that I have yet to get to the table.

What are you playing in right now?

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