@James_M_Hewitt the AI told me the first rule in the rulebook was Setup. Afraid my phone crashed before I could get the rest of the rulebook, so I'll just have to wait for you to release it 😂

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Hey @James_M_Hewitt I told google's chat AI that you made Necromunda & Hellboy and asked what you were making now: it sounds pretty neat!

Human: how is the board hidden from players to simulate og of war?
AI: In Loop, the board is hidden from players by a combination of fog tokens, tokens that block out areas of the board, and cards that remove visibility from certain areas. This creates an ever-evolving layer of mystery and strategy in the game.

I don’t normally do this, but my old FLGS was broken into twice this weekend. They supported me when I entered the tabletop industry, as they’ve supported the gaming community for 10+ years.

Donations of any amount and shares would mean a lot, thanks ❤️



Hey, I'm Iain! I'm a web developer and dad to a toddler. I'm passionate about board games and sustainability.

I'd started creating resources for publishers /designers/ consumers with Sustainability in Games, but then life (aka baby) very much consumed every waking minute and more. Hoping to get back to the project soon!

I was part of the Giant Brain boardgame podcast with @TheGiantBrain & Jamie, where I had a lovely time, and you can catch me on their discord.

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