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🎼​This is a sneaking song 🎵​
🎵​A song in which to sneak🎶​
🎶​While all monsters and dragon sleeps🎵​
🎵​This is a sneaking song🎶​
🎶​But we won't be sneaking long🎵​

In developing heroic stories where the players want to help people I have ignored that wealth is not just gathered for hording (the state of the world), but because they have something they want to achieve with it. Haley Starshine in OOTS wants wealth to protect her family. In a recent game, the monk Cass wanted wealth to build a monastery.

Either way, it is one more thing to add to the character questionnaire.

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I think I've lost track of money as a motivating force. In my pushing against in my playing and DM'ing treasure has been taken a back seat. At best it is a means to increasing character ability through magic items and whatnot. At worst a record keeping headache.

"Every character can use Treasure to further their own ends"

The one character motivation I haven't been interrogating is "Why are you risking everything for treasure?"

My Rodent Rangers Kickstarter is now live!

Want to be a squeak? Want to bask in 80s cartoon nostalgia? Want a non-violence-oriented game?

Check it out!

Can I just sayyyyy I love the delete and redraft feature here on #mastodon

Or maybe 'horny global ecosystem collapse' for Halloween

'Erotic 6th mass extinction'

'Naughty Anthropocene'

'Rampant Capitalism'

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@jskellogg At least that is what I look for when hiring a desktop assistant. Something sensible to that she can work in would also be a plus, as long as it is clean kept. Especially for a physical heavy job.

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@jskellogg Find the nicest dressed one and go from there. Also, when in doubt your Sunday best or business casual should work.

I am working on my first supplement to put up on DM's Guild and I am looking for people who would be willing to give the system a look, see if anything jumps out as completely broken.

If you are interested in taking a once over I would list you as a contributor/tester, get you a completed copy, and possibly throw some cash your way if you are willing to go deep on it with me.

You open the barrel and see an ensorcelled yelling longbow! It has a goblinoid accent and it makes fart noises at the most awkward possible times.

How come none of the Yom Kippur/ Talk Like A Pirate Day takes I’ve seen so far are about Jonah, which is traditionally read on Yom Kippur and involves rejecting authority, sailing the high seas, and walking the plank.

#TIL Hawaiian pizza was invented in Canada by a Greek immigrant, who was inspired by Chinese food to put a South American ingredient on an Italian dish, that went on to be most popular in Australia -

Any #seattle #jews out there looking for a break-fast (whether or not you're fasting)? Hit me up and we'll get food in the U-District tomorrow night.

G'mar chatima tovah.

#judaism #YomKippur

You know, until recently I have never heard campaigns be called "homebrew". I've run "published campaigns" and "campaigns" but never really thought of phrasing it as a homebrew campaign or homebrew setting. I have called systems or rules houserules or homebrew but that is it.

What about you? Have you always used the "homebrew" title for your own work?

Ultimate trap: in the middle of a dungeon is a cute giant talking fluffy kittycat, rolled over on their back, and asking for tummyrubs.

The kittycat will happily accept exactly 1d4 rounds of tummyrubs and purr, but if is pet after inflicts 5d8 slashing damage in a cone in front of it, dexterity save DC 15 for half.

RT Warlock: I don't understand how your insults can physically hurt.

Bard: That's because you're stupid enough to make a literal deal with a Devil, and not clever enough to do anything with it beside brood

Warlock: ... I understand now. Excuse me I have something in my eye.



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