Noodling around with a 4 armed PC race and could use some feedback. Specificly is a 4 armed PC race purely a bad idea 😂

Or have I come up with something vaguely ballanced.

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@Tyson_NW 4 arms should be doable and balance-able in most flavors of D&D. Most game-breaking things I can think of are an excess number of extra attacks. Which set of rules are you using for your game specifically?

5e. The ability in the link explicitly prevents extra attacks, but for one of the subraces they expand a bit for grappling. My other concern is that I have tacked on some abilities beyond the 4-armed to give an elemental flavor.

@Tyson_NW I see. Sorry for not taking the time to follow the link, really. I have 0 experience with 5E specifically, so I won't try to help you balance it, having no benchmarks - but if it's got multiple abilities, balancing should be just a matter of adding to or subtracting from the package. Good luck!

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