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Allo, I'm a player/DM from the wayback, my philosophy is:
* Rules are be in service of fun/drama
* Homebrew expand the design space while being consistent with the system, not just add options
* Settings should be about cultures and stories for players to interact with
* Everything in colaboration
* Players should say "Yes and" as much as possible
* DMs should say "Yes but" and "Yes then" as much as possible
* The biggest failing of modern systems is failure means nothing happens

It is finally here. My first Supplement went live this morning!

Enhanced Focuses is a new type of magic item that enhances your spell casting and class abilities. As well as advice on making any magic item more than just a bonus on the character sheet, but a part of a character's story.

Thoughts of the #pdxscooters experiment 

I decided to give the scooters a try, dropped about $15 between Bird (prepay $10) and Skip(pay per ride). It didn't increase my range dowbtown, but it did replace some walking. It was fun, especially the time a driver got frustrated with sharing the road with me, but I kept pace with him due to the lights even with the crap acceleration. But I probably won't use them again, I am too tall, their decks are too short, & riding horks my knee and ankle.

I am getting ready to publish my first supplement. If anyone could look at the ad copy for my supplement and give me any comments, pointers, or suggestions I would really appreciate it. I am not sure it gets the point across or is sufficiently enticing.

Ahhhhhh, I am getting so close to being ready to publish my first supplement. I am going crazy!

Our DM has dropped the #TnTDnD team into The Curse of Strahd and everything is horrifying, AUGH. I AM SO SPOOKED BY ALL THE THINGS.

(Also we introduced the red/yellow comfort level card system suggested by a few people including @Tyson_NW. It got a really nice reception from our crew.)

Started following an awesome Ren Faire Combatant on the Birb Site and she's awesome and just gorgeous too so of course my gay self had to draw her. So here it is.

The livestream was great First launch then return to land on ... well the land, not a barge in the ocean, on the West Coast.

Now to wait for the cellphone camera shots

Noodling around with a 4 armed PC race and could use some feedback. Specificly is a 4 armed PC race purely a bad idea 😂

Or have I come up with something vaguely ballanced.

Anyone know of a good set of betting rules for fights? I am trying to work the fight into an encounter/puzzle that involves the whole party. With them manipulating odds, bribing officials, having to deal with the local mob. All the stuff you see in movies like Snatch.

Not just a, "go around the table & have each character do a skill challenge for their action for the day" from Xanathars.

I've mentioned this before but all the Halloween talk reminded me and I still think it's worth remarking on.

There is a cowboy in Dracula.

Dracula. Has a cowboy in it. A cowboy.

And AND the cowboy is the one who kills Dracula. With a knife. A cowboy stabs Dracula with a knife and that's how Dracula dies. He gets stabbed by a cowboy.

A cowboy. 1st 15min has made me rethink my world building & encounter design. How do foes in encounters relate to each other? How do they share territory? How do the encounters support the narrative? How do they effect the world when the players aren't around.

@Tyson_NW Roll20 has a cards mechanism, which can easily be adapted for custom cardsets. Perhaps this could be what you wanted?

Business idea: one of those hippy shops selling angel blessings/traps, only the angels are proper biblical multi-limbed horrors that cannot be fully comprehended by mortal minds

Anyone know a web service to host multiplayer card games? I have a simple cardgame I want to test with some friends online

Apple Air. Microsoft Water. Google Earth. Amazon Fire. For thousands of years the Internet was peaceful. Then everything changed when the Amazon Fire Nation attacked.
#writingprompts #writing

@Tyson_NW was about to say that 8 is too much and then reread that they might use up to 6 cards in a turn. 8 is probably totally fine if a 6 card turn is a regular occurrence.

In a card game what is a good hand size that give you options but avoids analysis paralysis? I have a 54 card deck, every player draws from it. They will use at least 2 cards a round, as many as 6 with a draw after every card is used. I was thinking at least 5 cards, but would 8 cards be too much?

Be true to you 

Lately, (for a long time actually) I've been working on embracing my weirdness without apology. It's not easy.
I'm counting today as a win. When I got a weird look from my cubicle mate over my bright, bold and beautiful paisley shawl, I kept it on.

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