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first thing on our session 0 document about lore and flexibility: "Everything could be gayer."

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You might remember me from a few months back. I am running a Digimon game online on Thursdays. I am still looking for more players to join, and would like to ask here again.

We meet every other Thurs. As in, the next game is not this Thurs the 17th, but instead next Thurs the 24th. We meet at 7:00pm CST, and play to 10pm. You play as a modern day person who arrives in the Digital World, and find your digimon partner (a character you share with the GM).

Rushed Npc drawing because I'm terrible at time management.

Seems like no matter how much game prep I do, there's always a hundred more things to do.

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Trying to draw a comic and remembering that I'm terrible at perspective

Been prepping for a pirate campaign, and now all I want to do is watch Pirates of Dark Water for the first time in 25 years.

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I am looking for testers for a Digimon TTRPG I am creating. I have been working on the system for the past 4 years. The system is functional so far, and we have been testing for about a year. But I have lost players due to life. The game is played online on TableTop Simulator & Discord. The games are Thurs at 7pm. I can provide a tutorial session 0 for new players that can function as a pathway into the story.
If you are interested, or have any questions, please feel free to ask. Thank you.

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I have mixed feelings about Kill la Kill as a whole, but it was %100 right about one thing. Manic pixie dream girl x big titty goth GF are a goddamn power couple

Me all week: "I really gotta buckle down and finish game prep."
Me when I get home from work: "I'm gonna design an npc that only has a slight chance of showing up if my players follow a series of plot hooks over multiple sessions."

Been working on a world map for my newest campaign. First time in a while I've gotten excited about world building.

Two years of GMing FFG Star Wars and I finally get to be a player on Tuesday.

Got the first draft for a 5e class done. The Destrezan is an int halfcaster meant to fill the role of an educated fighter. Something along the lines of Indiana Jones, Edward Elric, and Zorro.

I'd love to get some folks to test it out and give me some feed back

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