My browser thinks nothing has been posted here since April 28. Everyone, what am I missing?

The guy who created Gloom of Kilforth has a new game in kickstarter. (It got funded in one hour.) There is little available about this game, but it looks excellent. Supplies of the base game on kickstarter are limited, but they are not moving fast right now.
Kilforth is a superb game!

Yucata supports a game called Awale (It's a stone-feeding game, also called awari and oware) with rules that are easy to remember. Here are the rules:
Anyone care for a game?

Hi all! I'm looking to learn a good boardgame that is available on line and play it with soneone. (I'm currently playing Pax Porifiriana at
At home, I like solo games like Mage Knight, 7th Continent, and Gloomhaven. My current game is Gloom of Kilforth. I'm lucky to be able to set up a game, play it for a while, leave it and return to it later without having to put it away.

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