Are there any tabletop games due out this year you're excited about? Big or tiny? I'm really interested in getting tip offs & recommendations about which titles I should be watching out for. I play so many games & the most reliable filter for finding good ones remains somebody telling me 'play this, it's neat'.

@TimClare I'm excited about this zine that's getting its 2nd issue quickstarted in February:

It's by @EmielBoven and apparently inspired by Morrowind, Dark Sun and Ultraviolet Grasslands with fast and light mechanics inspired by Cairn and Into The Odd.

The first issue will get a reprint, it's sold out at the moment.

Looks rad.

@TimClare it's an expansion, not a full game, but I'm very hyped for the Grand Tour expansion for Flamme Rouge!

@TimClare I'm not sure of things beyond Kickstarters -- ZineQuest is next month and there's always interesting things in there -- but also, off the top of my head the next *Without Number rpg from Sine Nomine, Cities Without Number, launches the KS on 01 Feb.

Kevin Crawford does excellent work, especially the campaign/worldbuilding material, and releases the manuscript for backers as soon as one pledges. CWN is going to be a cyberpunk game (the other two *WN are scifi and fantasy).

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