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@TheGiantBrain Well this feels relevant to my interests 😁

Robot battles 

My podcast co-host Jamie and I swapped recording mics for commentary mics this last weekend at a local robot battle. We had a blast. It gets quite loud!

I don’t normally do this, but my old FLGS was broken into twice this weekend. They supported me when I entered the tabletop industry, as they’ve supported the gaming community for 10+ years.

Donations of any amount and shares would mean a lot, thanks ❤️


Hey, I'm Iain! I'm a web developer and dad to a toddler. I'm passionate about board games and sustainability.

I'd started creating resources for publishers /designers/ consumers with Sustainability in Games, but then life (aka baby) very much consumed every waking minute and more. Hoping to get back to the project soon!

I was part of the Giant Brain boardgame podcast with @TheGiantBrain & Jamie, where I had a lovely time, and you can catch me on their discord.

Live interview 

Tomorrow night at 8pm on the GB discord I'll be interviewing Flavien Loisier of Hachette Boardgames UK. Come and listen in and ask your own questions in our q&a after the show.

We are live at Uncon!

Swatch is back after 3 years, from prototype to published game. It’s been great to introduce new groups to Swatch as well as reconnect with people who playtested the original!


Played flamecraft for the first time last night. Really enjoyed it. Rules light enough to get a quick handle on, combo nonsense available for those who want it. Eeked out a win by 2 points. Went straight to the top of my wishlist.

I create very small board games. So small that they fit on greetings cards.

I’ve currently got these on Kickstarter — my most recent game-on-a-card, plus the previous games as add-ons. Go check it out!

One of the featrues we added recently to the Brainwaves cast was jobs, events, and opportunities. We want to help people find some connections be that social, financial , or both! If you have an upcoming event or a job opportunity in the tabletop hobby, do let me know!

Every couple of months I invite a guest to the Giant Brain HQ, our Discord, for an interview. Next Tuesday, the 22nd, I'll be interviewing Flavien Loisier, head honcho of Hachette Boardgames UK. You would be welcome to join us and ask questions in a q&a after the show.

Podcast episode 

Every two weeks The Giant Brain team bring you the best in tabletop gaming news. Available wherever you get your podcasts or direct on our site.

A hectic first 24 hrs of GridCon. I've played Food Chain Magnate, Scout, Unconscious Mind, Pingyao and Beyond the Sun. Lighter games tonight, I'm mentally drained!

Also bumped into several people I've not seen for ages, or never met, including a certain @Gamefreakgeek !

Good times ❤️

Game criticism 

Hope I'm doing this within the rules. I write a series called Beyond the Veil for the Arkham Horror LCG that breaks down the mechanisms in scenarios and how they reinforce story, or don't. My latest one is out for the penultimate Circle Undone scenario. Contains extensive spoilers.

Thought I would try this again as I didn't grok the rules before my first post.

I'm Iain McAllister a tabletop critic and podcaster based in Scotland. I've been writing about games for about 8 years and podcasting for coming up on 5.

I write about all sorts of tabletop games and topics on The Giant Brain website. My podcast Brainwaves is industry news focused and sometimes covers less than savoury topics.

You can find all my work here:

Why do I see some posts in full but some collapsed apart from the first line or so? Thanks to everyone who has helped me get a handle on this place so far.

Game review 

A bit of self-promo today, as my week of French game reviews continues.

Today it's the turn of Pearladora, from La Boîte de Jeu. It's a clever game of area control which reminds me of the old coin-op game, Qix. You can check out the review here:

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Hello folks, thanks to @adampunchboard for helping me out with getting sorted. I'm Iain McAllister and I run The Giant Brain and am a host on the Brainwaves tabletop news podcast.

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