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Here's my submission for the folklore game jam on ! Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave: a tabletop rpg inspired by Old Norse magic, myth, and religion

Download it here:

This project is turning out to be, as they say, hard as shit. It's hard to give the impression in a short bit of text of an entire religious tradition in which the hopes and dreams of millions of people have been constantly engaged. This faith is the most important thing in the world, the first pillar of a civilization, but the feeling of that immense importance is difficult to articulate

HeyI I hear it's Free RPG Day
I got one of those!

Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave is about playing practitioners of Old Norse magic who investigate supernatural events and banish their perpetrators. The rules are simple, focused, and free to download!

i know it's probably a bad idea to try and put an authentic and complex spirituality into my weird 10th century D&D century but by God I will try my best

I ran a second game of beyond the fence, below the grave last night. This time the investigators failed spectacularly but it was still great fun!

New blog post! Have you ever thought magic items would be better if they were mysterious organs which had to be surgically implanted in your player character? I did. I thought a lot about that.

welcome to 5th edition D&D, i will be your hot tiefling for today

I now have an itchio store at

Please buy things from there.

I ran my first game of Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave last evening! It was my first time running a game the whole system and the adventure was written by me. My players were great and we had a really fun time.

New blog post! Have you ever thought magic items would be better if they were mysterious organs which had to be surgically implanted in your player character? I did. I thought a lot about that.

there must be a name for the feeling you get when you have 19 entries for a d20 table complete and can't think of number 20

So this scenario takes place at a wedding and after doing research on Norse wedding traditons it might be fun just to have a normal wedding happen instead of doing any supernatural stuff

I'm writing a scenario with a Old Norse temple called a 'hof' in it and I'm faced with a dilemma. Should I note that the effigy of Freyr has an enormous penis for the sake of accuracy or just leave that part out?

Like a fool, I have gone and feature creeped my own blog post

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15 days before I lose my farm. $1200 to raise. votive candle lantern, phosphor bronze and stainless steel. Asking $150, will take best offer plus shipping. or$tarlimanjoppos Please Boost

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