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Here's my submission for the folklore game jam on ! Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave: a tabletop rpg inspired by Old Norse magic, myth, and religion

Download it here:

It's Friday and we all know what that means! Time to follow, follow, follow and NEVER ARRIVE! #followfriday

Gasper the Aged - Follow this bent stick of a person to hear stories about "why this part of town always smells like onions (it's 'cause of kids)" and how "buildings used to be taller" as their head sinks to the ground

The Multi-Limbed Drowning Array - Elegantly designed, worth following to the pond's bottom ... if that's your thing.

Nobody else - That's right. We said it. S'official.

Hate that the stores are already putting up anticoagulant socks that we're supposed to hang by the fireplace for Dracula.

It's only just November!

my players finally gave in to desperation and ate the party member who has been transformed into a pig

Let me be clear, it is the players' fault if somebody dies or is turned into a frog. If they had paid better attention or asked better questions they would have known that the witch was only kidnapping children because of her fear of aging.

I have to defend the usefulness of a petroleum consultant in a magical 14th century setting to my DM but I'm up for it.

So once my players get out of the fairy world I would like to start a civil war plot line with factions looking something like this:
The Parliament: Allied with magical technology barons
The Monarchy: Heavily indebted, few allies
The Northmen: Pagan invaders from the northeast
The Communists: Disgruntled urban workers and peasants displaced by the enclosure movement, they practice druidic Marxism

Unaligned groups: The fairies, the giants, the witches, the hidden queendom of Guinevere

I should really stop calling the game I'm currently running 'D&D' because the only thing directly D&D-ish about it is the 6 core stats

50 Knights from prose, poetry, and balladry to ride out into your D&D game! A nigh infinite host of randomly assembled chevaliers to call upon your campaign!

*Note, if you roll on this table it means that Jesus is real in your setting*

New blog post coming out soon. It'll be about knights, around 50 of them.

🍂​I'm doing a fall sale! On the only thing I sell on itch 🍂​

Fall at Old Uppsala is a scenario for Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave, it has plenty of mystery, conflict, and opportunities for regicide

I'm thinking about Boris Stremlin's essay on class/calling in D&D: bardichesandbathhouses.blogspo

In Boris' understanding, class is not an abstraction but a real social structure which exists in-world. A class is a social archetype that you grow into, following a path of progression laid out by others before you.

Gnomes: Little men born of earth. They can only see clearly in darkness. Ride moles and love arts and crafts.
Goblins: Despicable little things with features of all kinds. They are obviously trying to curse you. Yes, they are selling something. No, they won't go away.
Elves: Beautiful, courtly, otherworldly. There is something up with elves, something strange, everyone can tell.
Birds: Diverse and flighty, thin boned. They've been convinced they should try to be real people, whatever that means

Kind: What sort of person you are, a translucent Pale Person, one of the Between People?
Nation: What does your name sound like, how do you dress?
Creed: What faith were you born into or took up? Which temple to do pray at?
Calling: What can you do best? What skills and abilities do you have?

Goblins have access to all the most advanced technology, such as the bicycle

One of the great things about the rpg scene online is that it is so decentralized. There are tons of people, tons of communities, tons of projects, tons of design philosophies. However, I'd like it to be easier to communicate between spaces. I'd like to stop having to explain what the OSR is, I feel like we're all missing out on important conversations going on just out of earshot.

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