If you write a monster for and your post doesn't include a random table related to it, you have failed me as your adopted child

your d&d class based on your Harry Potter house:

Ravenclaw: Wizard
Hufflepuff: Wizard
Griffindor: Wizard
Slytherin: Wizard

Haven't gotten a lot of finished art pieces done outside of comic work for a bit, but here's a rough sketch of a tiefling rogue or bard (undecided) that I hope to play one day.

He's a sassy boy.

6 more cleric domains for my custom OSR cleric! Worship a god of Love and Vengeance, or a god of Undeath and the Harvest, or of Fire and Nobility!


Hi, I'm gonna post some art I like because I can!

Here are some of the pointillist paintings of Maximilien Luce, a French artist who lived from 1858-1941. The digital image really doesn't do these paintings justice, the way the forms emerge from points of paint is magical. The blues, purples, and reds which Luce employs are also particularly striking. Factory in the Moonlight is definitely my favorite of these, I love how the night sky is made into a static-y sea of dots.

Here are a bunch of minatures from the old Games Workshop Hero Quest game system. I inherited these guys from my brother and I absolutely adore them. I love their strong, simple poses and their construction is surprisingly sturdy. I feel no need to paint them, I like their simple coloration.

#showandtell #dnd

Hello everybody!

Today is show and tell day on mastadon! To participate, find something you want to show! It could be digital, it could analog, it could be a song, a picture, an object. Then tell us about it, tell us why you've brought it to class.

Oh, and don't forget to put
#showandtell in your post

The tomb is full of orc graffiti, possible adventurer infestation

We brought a child into the dragon's lair and she has just been hit by 3 crit arrows

I've decided that tomorrow is show and tell day on this website. Please be ready with something to show the whole class, spread the message around

Lord is part of everything, to cause any harm to the creation is sacrilege. But even the devoted need assassins. They are called The Kind Ones, they descend upon their marks with garrotes of silk and iron rods wrapped in linen so that they never spill blood.

Bit-Coin Man. 2hd, AC as leather (thick hide) Attacks: Claw 1d6 (2 per round) If a Bit-Coin man touches you, 5% of your net worth is digitized (this proccess prefers the most liquid assets, coins, jewels, ect). The Bit-Coin man knows a command word that he can tell you to free your assets, but he thinks he's doing you a favor by not telling you it. Each Bit-Coin Man's command word is unique. #dnd

Some Mongolian Wrestling rules adapted for 5e

If your setting has steppe nomads, it should probably have wrestling.


Boris Stremlin has written a very lovely response to the review of his Lukomorye player's guide that I posted last month, read the response here:


Some Mongolian Wrestling rules adapted for 5e

If your setting has steppe nomads, it should probably have wrestling.


Zedek is incredibly good and everyone should read his darn blog

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