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Here's my submission for the folklore game jam on ! Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave: a tabletop rpg inspired by Old Norse magic, myth, and religion

Download it here:

As of today Dreams and Fevers is one year old! Come down to the old blog post and have a slice of cake, celebrate as I wax on about my aspirations as Dreams and Fevers trundles on towards year 2.

Today I am: trying to write a retrospective for my blog's 1 year anniversary

Divine magic: predictable and stable but requires preparation, prayer, and sacrifice

Arcane Magic: unstable, unpredictable, risky but can be called on at the drop of a hat

Just got a big bunch of school work done and I'm starting to make my rpg plans for the rest of the year.

I want to write and run more Beyond the Fence scenarios, run another campaign set in the Meager Country, try out more indie rpgs, run Skin of the Sun Princess again... There's just so much I want to do but I know I can't do it all...

I just finished reading this game inspired by my own Beyond the Fence, Below the Grave. It's about halflings solving problems in a world which is like Tolkien's middle earth but based on Mesopotamia and Persia. Go check it out!

Ohhh, what's this called, one third view of a head? Anyway, the demon head generator seems to work!

My blog is almost 1 year old.

August 12. Save the date, buy a balloon and a handful of confetti.

New blog post!

An essay, a love letter to some of my favorite D&D blog posts, answers to a question that I've been mulling over lately: Where do we find adventurers who aren't Cowboys or Conquistadors?

Blogger just failed to save the 2nd half of a post I was working on. Fuck.

And this is the raw material.
And online, this is how I “debug” the elements, looking for misalignments and splotches.

New D&D alignment system:
There are only 2 alignments:
Chivalry: You are expected to perform feats of arms and amores. However, these actions often lead you to violate the virtues of chastity, mercy, and courtliness which you aspire to.

Honour Code: You are expected to perform great feats of bravery, strength, and poetry to win a good name for yourself and avoid shame. However, pursuit of such deeds often renews the cycles of violence which threaten the stability of your society.

Game Chef is not over and I'm considering joining... *two* more jams (namely and

My first game (Deeds, not Words: I designed as a challenge, to see if I managed. It was kind of an experiment for me.

But damn it's addictive 😅

It looks like I won't be able to get the next scenario for Beyond the Fence finished for this month, it will have to be a few weeks late. A frustrating set back, but I've got an essay about D&D and history almost done.

Did some blog repair today. I re-uploaded some of the images which had broken.

A minor magic item: A dowsing rod that always points towards the nearest dead body

I'm experimenting with @textmapper in preparation for my game. I'm not even certain where I want to put dungeons. So far I've got 1 that I'm for sure going to use. I'm hoping to use @hexdescribe to help flesh out some of the areas. I'm still not completely certain about scale, yet. 24- 8- or 6- mile hexes all seem fine. 24-mile hexes give the 📏 while the smaller hexes allow me to be even more accurate for tracking movement which I both should and shouldn't care about.

D&D settings don't often do monotheistic religions well, but I intend to. Introducing my setting's most important faith: the Way

I just a bunch of school work done and I'm very excited to get back to writing masturbatory world building bullshit

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