After more than two months offline, I’m ready to get back to work making cool game shit. I’m sure a lot of folks have forgotten all about me by now, so I’d appreciate anything you all can do to get the word out that Papers & Pencils is up and running again. Add me to your blog roll, share a favorite post on social media, write a blog entry about how I’m your greatest inspiration. Before we go full-bore back into game stuff, though, let’s recap the last two months...

Somebody should probably post about the False Hydra because everybody should know about.

Goblin Punch is another blog you must read, and here are his False Hydras.

"Common wisdom holds that false hydras come from the ground. They spontaneously originate as undifferentiated masses of flesh. Potatoes that sprout from no seed. Supposedly, they germinate in response to lies, and that each falsehood causes a false hydra to swell larger."

I am new to this, but trying hard. I've played the Star Wars D20 system and DnD 5e. I gm and also play. Also I am very gay.

Otter people, eel people, tall forest people oh my

Mother Huldra bore one child. A child with brown fur and beady black eyes. A long-necked child with dark whiskers. A strong jawed child. A clever child. A child with sharp teeth and a short tail. A child who grew up fast and was first of the Orluk. She is named Saumo and she is very old. Saumo’s children wear clothing of dried and woven reeds which don't get heavy in the water, a useful trait.

Some people from the Meager Country

Two icy eyes with rectangular pupils, like a goat’s, set into a long face the white-grey color of shale. Four sturdy fingers pawing through hair like hay or like red blood or like muddy water. Women with woolen dresses and complicated braids. Men in tunics with shepherds crooks and round shields. Chiefs and elites with beautiful furs or exquisite copper brooches. These are the Rowing People.

Here is another good blog you guys should read!

Joe Fatula's Signs in the Wilderness! A blog about a setting based, roughly, on the americas in the 1700s. The Starving Times hurt everyone, but a new day is coming out from the darkness. The Elfs set up their cities and arrive from across the sea, the humans camp in the wilderness, the lonesome giants gather to count the stars.


Oh hi new friends, time for ruthless selling out to myself. I run a 5e D&D blog and write for a setting called "The Meager Country" based of off the experiences of Arab travelers on the 10 century Volga river.

Do you want to play as a woman made of glass who can see the future?
Do you want to play as a magnetic dessert nomad?
How about a person who can smell magic and turns transparent in the full moon?

Well, I have just the blog post 4 u

throne of salt is a very good blog and you should all read it

"Moloch is a system. It is a god that lives within interactions, thrives in spaces between people. You could smash all its temples, kill all its worshipers, erase its name from every book, scroll and tablet - but so long as the system survives, there shall be Moloch."

20 mythological magic items from, gifts from a mercurial spirit of power and royalty

14. A Severed Hand: Severed a few inches above the wrist, tendons dangle, bone is splintered, it was ripped off. It is four fingered and bears a distinctive tattoo: a ring of stars and strange symbols around the wrist. The tattoo glows blue when the hand is pointed North.

When you hold the hand, its fingers tap against your palm, communicating through the strange language of the body

please join my terror religion and offer up your body to out cause

"The holy man wore robes of wool bound with a simple length of cord in which he kept his saw and his butchering knife, he only sustained himself by the sacraments offered to him, and he smelt of sugar and cinnamon and sweat. This is what he taught to those assembled: ‘I have given you communion from my own flesh and made you my kindred, but to receive and not give is folly"

When death comes, when the five part self is undone, the will is the last thing to be scattered. It’s spent its whole life constrained, scheming, tearing out its feathers. It might not want to go. Especially if its mighty or stubborn or oafish. Especially if it has an ax to grind. Especially if it's disappointed in its progeny. Especially if death comes when you're at home with your eyes open.

my excuse for all my bad toots is that I am 'jusy freestyling' and therefore cannot be held accountable. watch out for this and do not accept it.

My name is T and I produce D&D content on my blog:

I write for a setting called the Meager Country which based vaguely based on the experiences of Arab travelers on the 10th century Volga river.

I'm looking forward to share my stuff here and having interesting conversations!

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