I think I'm done with D20-based games. I don't find the system particularly engaging anymore, and I find the more interesting things are happening outside of that space.

The last d20-based system I've looked at is 13th Age, which I consider the pinnacle of what can be done with d20 systems. Despite that, I have no desire to run it.

(Note: this is not a plea for shilling your favorite d20 system or author. I've done more exploring than this toot lets on and frankly I'm done with the system)

@craigmaloney I'm running D&D because it's easy to find players and materials... but, man, if I don't find myself fighting with it the whole way. And a lot of it is that fights just aren't that interesting... that the outcome is more up to the dice than player choice. I've been thinking a lot about how to fix that, but I'm not sure if it's still d20 when I'm done.

@CarlCravens @craigmaloney The D20 system is a fantasy survival horror game that people have spent decades mystaking for a general purpose engine.

Thats why the die roll has a flat distribution, why combat is basically a pacing mechanism, and why you have so much fiddly stuff to keep track of.

@Teatearpg @CarlCravens I hadn't quite thought of it that way, but it makes sense. Also makes the later power-gaming design decisions a lot more questionable.

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