project completed! I printed 1-inch grid, cut it and laminated the pieces. (You can generate all kinds of nice paper here
It's super cool! I draw on the pieces with Lumocolor pens and can assemble as the players explore! It's also a very affordable solution, customizable and easy to store.

(Fear not, players, this is not a map I'll use in our game.)

I think I need to write a blog post about "How to be a stylish DM on a budget" soon.

I mean, I really have some nice DIY stuff accumulated over the past years:
- Midori DM journal
- Smooth note taking techniques
- Handcrafted meeple / minis
- Clothespin initiative tracker
- DIY DM screen with cork backing
- Erasable grid tiles
- DIY area of effect marker
- DIY status rings
Not to mention the campaign wiki!

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