Hello, is anyone interested in these 2 sets of dice by Chessex? They are the frosted 7-die-sets in smoke and red. Also, I have a set of 8 dice in frosted blue, with 3 4-sided dice, d8, d10 and d100 (10s), d12 and d20. DM please. :d20: Boost okay!

(I didn't really use them at all. I don't know why I bought them years ago, they were never really my style. But maybe they are yours!)

Oh, if anyone is interested in these odd dice, let me know! Boosts okay! :d20: :d6:


@TQ I have plenty of dice, but those pinkish ones in front remind me of the inside of a grapefruit, which I find delightful.



@benhamill yes, they are fun! Also some of my oldest ones.

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