I've just stumbled upon Fate and am considering reading a bit more about it. I'm currently neck-deep into D&D and have my fair share of experience with Fiasco, DSA and CoC. Even a bit of Heroquest. I'm interested in hearing from other roleplayers: Is Fate in your experience an interesting addition? Why? What does it do well, what not so much?

@TQ Here's a personal screed - takeonrules.com/2015/08/23/fat tl;dr - In the care of a good table and game facilitator it can create magical moments; otherwise it's very much "blah blah blah math it"

@TQ but that's my personal opinion; it does have some unique elements; if you look at 5E to the backgrounds and wished for more umf than the inspiration for playing to those Beliefs and Faults, then Fate could be amazing!


@takeonrules that's interesting. Thank you! Would you rather compare it with d&d then, less with Fiasco?

@TQ I'm familiar with 1e Fiasco, and don't quite see a thread between Fiasco and Fate. At issue is Fate may suffer from something to the action economy of 5e; except an imbalance in the economy if Fate is far more pronounced (like quadratic)

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