Critical Role, complaining 

So. I am very far behind in CR. They're exploring this mysterious place and all sorts of clues concerning a catastrophe that happened several centuries ago.

It drives me up the WALL how way off base they are in interpreting what Matt describes to them!! This is why I hate real play podcasts, and also why I'm awful at a table 😂 I am probably not interpreting it correctly either but it seems to me so OBVIOUS that they're missing certain things. Dum-dums


re: Critical Role, complaining 

@sissas Ahaha, that's so funny to read! We've caught up in the last months and are pretty up to date now!
What hints are you referring to?

CR, spoilers 

@TQ Matt has explained that the Somnovem had this idea to escape a catastrophe by projecting themselves and their city to the astral sea. They gifted eyes to Lucien in exchange for help bringing them back to the material plane (therefore I assume there are 9 of them, and the name "eyes of nine" is meaningful only in this context: the gifts to Lucien). And they keep asking to random corpses: what do the eyes of nine mean to you? How would they know!! they've been dead for centuries 😂

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