Okay! Time to reorganize my background information about my world!
*digs into DM folder*
*paper explosion*
Now that won't do, I have to restructure and print from scratch.
*looks at maps*
Oh no.
*updates maps*
*adds heraldics*
Oh look, I didn't name the provinces on the other side of the world!
*adds snappy province names*
Why is my Wiki missing a page about this queen?
*adds page*
*looks at history*
Oh no...
*refines historical table*
Wait, where is that part about religion...
*drowning sounds*

/Some days later.../
Phew. Finally I'm done restructuring my D&D info. Now all I need to do is print it out!
*prints 52 pages*
Well fml.


I must say, organizing my DM stuff does bring me joy.

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