Okay! Time to reorganize my background information about my world!
*digs into DM folder*
*paper explosion*
Now that won't do, I have to restructure and print from scratch.
*looks at maps*
Oh no.
*updates maps*
*adds heraldics*
Oh look, I didn't name the provinces on the other side of the world!
*adds snappy province names*
Why is my Wiki missing a page about this queen?
*adds page*
*looks at history*
Oh no...
*refines historical table*
Wait, where is that part about religion...
*drowning sounds*

/Some days later.../
Phew. Finally I'm done restructuring my D&D info. Now all I need to do is print it out!
*prints 52 pages*
Well fml.

@TQ What do you use to organize all your material? I'm eternally looking for a better solution.


@gradunza5 I use a hybrid organisation, I guess. All the important stuff lives in my wiki. I set up dokuwiki, works very nicely. I print out the more static stuff like big politics, cultures or history on A4 sheets and put them into a seperate file. That's the file I updated, or rather, created today.
For the more pressing day-to-day DM stuff, I use small index cards in a special index card file, and I put the important NPCs for this session on those, also items etc. This gives me flexibility.

@TQ That's awesome! Sounds like a very well thought out system.

@gradunza5 IT works pretty well. All of course depends on me taking notes and transferring them regularly. That's really the struggle...


That would be difficult for me; I'd get lazy and not transfer. My solution so far has been a text-based wiki that I sync between various computers. It means having my laptop at the table, which I don't particularly *love,* but it's more consistent for me than hand-writing content.

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