Before I try to reinvent the wheel, what's your best practice for playing D&D online? Do you just use any video call software, or do you use specific websites or services? Thank you in advance!
(boosts ok)

@TQ My group has used Fantasy Grounds with Discord for voice chat.

@TQ I've used Roll20 to some success, with a bit of setup, the maps are really quite nice, with line of sight lighting and stuff

Yes! We used roll20 together with Discord~

@TQ up to 4–5 people, nextcloud talk works quite well. it's webrtc, so the same technology as e.g.

@TQ I just try to find a single seat video game RPG that simulates the experience; like Balfur's Gate,

Thanks for the find @anahata! I hope TQ gets an answer, cause I wanna know too.

@TQ Roll20 works great for me. Its video chat is quite unstable for some reason, but the maps and DM tools are super.

@TQ I know that many people use roll20. I haven't tried it myself.

@TQ I used to use Tavern Keeper ( ), which is free and nice for play-by-post, but not really intended for face-to-face realtime play. The most popular platform for the latter seems to be Roll20, although I know a lot of people who used to just use Google Hangouts and I think are currently just using Skype. We've used Skype/Hangouts once in a blue moon for single players for our F2F game when someone was sick or traveling and couldn't make it in person.

@TQ If your players don’t need miniatures for combat, you can just do everything over a voice chat tool, or, really, text chat too. That’s what play by post is. You can even do play by post with image editing tools for tactical positioning, though that might take a bit longer. :P

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