Tonight was a fun session. Nothing too major happened regarding the story line, but I really enjoy these casual evenings when the group just does some shopping and snooping around and talking to some locals. And next week, they want to do a heist!

Food mention 

Now they are resting and making cookies. 😂😍

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We have two children (siblings) over so our single child doesn't die of loneliness, and they have found a monster in one room of our house! They have scoured the flat for appropriate equipment for monster fighting, they have trained, and now they are fighting it! Go, kids! :think_starry_eyes:

:dnd: today! I'm thrilled to see what my group is up to today!

Aww, my group was so funny tonight, I really enjoy our evenings together! And now they got a crooked yellow house and walkie-talkie bracelets, and I'm so proud!

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I'm so hyped for the new adventure we're starting tonight!

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If you don't know it, there's a free and open source grid based map creation tool for sessions. It's called Mipui, and it's pretty nice!

Translating and condensing the combat rules of d&d 5e for my own reference and for my players. This is so useful, I think I've never understood the details better!

We changed our tech-setup a bit during the session, we're still finding our way into things. But all in all, it went pretty well!

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We had our first session tonight, and I think it went pretty well! I mean, I was able to exclusively think about stuff for about 2 hours straight, which feels like an aeon of vacation right now! It's wonderful.
We used Skype and nothing else, and it was quite immersive and went pretty smooth!

Test went well! We tried out some setups, tweaked the light and stuff. I hope it works out next Monday.

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We'll do a Skype test tonight and see how well everything works! 🤞 I've never done online , this will be cool!

Diving headfirst into to ensure a nice gaming experience in case we cannot play in person.

Before I try to reinvent the wheel, what's your best practice for playing D&D online? Do you just use any video call software, or do you use specific websites or services? Thank you in advance!
(boosts ok)

Today we had such a nice, warm and fun roleplaying session, I'm still so very happy! 💖

covid-19, macabre urge 

I know it's macabre, but I feel a rising urge to fight the pandemic on the game board right now.

Just uploaded two of my old playsets to my own website. If you like Fiasco, you can get them for free there! If you don't know Fiasco yet, go and have a look, it's awesome for getting new people started with role playing games!

Here are some older works that are loosely related to fantasy and rpg, the pencil drawing is from 13 years ago, the other two I did for inktober 2017.
[CN: 2nd painting: eye contact, 3rd painting: creepy alley]

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