I'm really not perfect with descriptions in my games. I'm slowly honing this skill, and this guide certainly helps a *lot*
"Sly Flourish's Guide to to Narrative "Theater of the Mind" Combat":

Planning adventures shows me that I can only think in a structured manner when I Write. Things. Down.
I can brainstorm and ponder ideas for weeks, but they will always remain in a fluid state until I write them down.

My DnD group has now officially named itself "The Fendfried Five", and I don't know if that's hilarious and awesome or if I am a very bad DM and should be punished for making them suffer for hours on end in that sad little village named Fendfried... /o\

There is so much power in enduring these moments of embarrassment and moving through them. It is freeing.

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And the way they all try to mask their embarrassment with sipping on their drinks, I love it so much. *sips coffee*

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Currently watching "Narrative Telephone", the game the Critical Role crew came up with during these times. And it's so wholesome for so many reasons! First, they are faced with the impossible task to recount a story someone else told them - once. They power through their reluctance, and I can relate *so* much! And then, they watch each one of them tell the story, and they share their awkwardness, and I just love it!

Tonight was a fun session. Nothing too major happened regarding the story line, but I really enjoy these casual evenings when the group just does some shopping and snooping around and talking to some locals. And next week, they want to do a heist!

Food mention 

Now they are resting and making cookies. 😂😍

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We have two children (siblings) over so our single child doesn't die of loneliness, and they have found a monster in one room of our house! They have scoured the flat for appropriate equipment for monster fighting, they have trained, and now they are fighting it! Go, kids! :think_starry_eyes:

:dnd: today! I'm thrilled to see what my group is up to today!

Aww, my group was so funny tonight, I really enjoy our evenings together! And now they got a crooked yellow house and walkie-talkie bracelets, and I'm so proud!

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I'm so hyped for the new adventure we're starting tonight!

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If you don't know it, there's a free and open source grid based map creation tool for sessions. It's called Mipui, and it's pretty nice! mipui.net/

Translating and condensing the combat rules of d&d 5e for my own reference and for my players. This is so useful, I think I've never understood the details better!

We changed our tech-setup a bit during the session, we're still finding our way into things. But all in all, it went pretty well!

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