Just uploaded two of my old playsets to my own website. If you like Fiasco, you can get them for free there! If you don't know Fiasco yet, go and have a look, it's awesome for getting new people started with role playing games!

Here are some older works that are loosely related to fantasy and rpg, the pencil drawing is from 13 years ago, the other two I did for inktober 2017.
[CN: 2nd painting: eye contact, 3rd painting: creepy alley]

Confession: I don't like . They cause me uncanny valley vibes. But I love using a battlemat for combat. So I found some round bars from wood, cut some pieces off and colored them in different colors with my acrylic paints. I love them, but haven't used them yet! Looking forward to the next fight! 😀

Hello! I'm TQ. I'm new here, but not new to the fediverse. I've recently started DMing again, and I switched systems from DSA to D&D 5e. I enjoy the creative freedom very much, building my own world and slowly fleshing it out. I'm here to connect to other RPG people and get some ideas about how to improve my DMing. If my artist life lets me, I'll also share some oldschool character art.

If you're curious, you can find my main account here: @TQ, my art account here: @TQ

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