Bonus with the blanks filled in and additional principles added:

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There are two gaps, obviously. But I've come up with explanations for both of them, and I like them very much. Most notably, there's no god for the crops. Or there is, but they are not important. The people who actually grow the crops follow an animistic religion that makes much more sense to them.

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I'm very happy with the pantheon of our homebrew world. I had noticed earlier that there was some weird kind of overlap between the gods' domains, there were always somehow two gods who stood for one specific domain. So yesterday I tried to visualize it, and I developed this graphic here. It's a cool concept I think, and it's nice how it fits!

Found a blank space in my world. Found some mysterious facts to add.

Traveler's notebook for my notes is finished! The leather I got a loooooong time ago gave me some trouble. If I hadn't have that one lying here in my stash, I'd have opted for some vegan alternative for sure, most likely some plant based material. Not only that's the more animal friendly way to go, it's also much less trouble to work with.

(Photos show the journal, made from sturdy dark brown leather with gold eyelets and red elastics.)

Lessons for the next time around:
- do a "maps only" section that includes different kinds of grids. Everything mappy will go there
- the rest: Just different colored dots! I love dotted paper!
- maybe experiment with different grid sizes for the dotted sheets? My writing gets a bit cramped when I write on 0.5cm grid. Maybe 0.6 or eveb 0.7 for more convenience?

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*how to make midori style notebook*
*how to burnish leather edges*
*elastic band orange 3mm*

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There are all kinds of nice and helpful patterns, from musical paper over fret charts over hex paper, grids, dotted patterns, triangles, circles, spider graphs...!

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I'm currently creating my new DM journal (because of course I do, and I waited a *whole day*!), and I found this website very helpful:
It's a graph paper generator! You can customize the color, spacing, shape and layout of the pattern, download and print it at home! Yay!

I had a wonderful remote rpg evening. I'm so thankful for this little piece of joy in my life!

*looks at notes*
Oh, I'd like to improve on those...
Wait, I should find a notebook to take notes!
*searches for notebook*
Nah, those won't do.
I should buy a new one.
: "You should MAKE a new one...!"
No, wait... ahhhh...

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Yeah okay, I can deduce what must have happened last time from my notes. It's going to be okay... It's going to be okay...

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slightly gross 

Ahahaha, I need a new brain please... Anyone got one of those to spear, eh, to spare I mean?

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*scratches head*
There was... something with ... books maybe? Oh no.
*digs out session notes*
Oh thank gourd I took those!
Wait a second... That's more like a to-do-list? Oh no.

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TFW you didn't make the time to write down the synopsis of the last session. The one from 2 weeks ago.

After DMing for over a year now (really? Wow), I'd like to play a character for a while... Just a little bit. Like 2 or 3 sessions. That would be really nice.

/Some days later.../
Phew. Finally I'm done restructuring my D&D info. Now all I need to do is print it out!
*prints 52 pages*
Well fml.

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