What encourages you to enter a contest?

I have a game system - the ELL deck. boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/18

I have two annual contests for it - one for game ideas, one for typography.

You could win £100, demo space at UK Games Expo, 12 hrs of my time (to help you however I can), and a package of games.

Can you come up with game ideas?
Enter here: stuffbybez.com/contest/

Can you draw letters?
Enter here: stuffbybez.com/artcontest/


Animatronic Alligators
Banjos on Broadway
Cute Candy Canes
Devilish Dinosaurs
Evil Eggs
Fluffy Flying Flamingoes
Gorgeous Gorgons
Heavy Hats (they're made of iron)
Invisible Imp Infiltrators
Jumping Jaguars
Koalas v Kangaroos
Lightning bolts of Love
Mortifying Moments
Nefarious Nests
Operas with Orchestras
Penguin Parades
Quick Questioning Quandries
Really Radical Radishes
Sim Simulation
Top Toad
Underwear Universe
Vest Vestibule
Warm Weather Worm
You, Yuppie!
Zooming Zealots

Trying to work out if Asmodee bought/acquired any companies in 2022. I couldn't find anything after a quick google search... did they really take a year off?‽

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This year’s gaming has been rather limited due to big changes in my life. It seems like I have promoted my own game more than I have played other games. At some point I stopped tracking my plays of Hungry Monkey.

My big surprise this year was Yogi Guru by @StuffByBez ! ❤️

Some reasons I personally like making cards manually (writing/drawing with marker):

1 - time away from the screen/distractions usually helps me be more productive

2 - I find it a helpful moment to ponder ramifications and maybe make tweaks

3 - I enjoy drawing things that don't have to look good

4 - I'd rather spend energy improving my ability to control a pen than my ability to use one piece of software

5 - if I need to remake something mid-playtest, it doesn't stand out.

self-promo/new signed game 

In 2014, I designed a game called "Yo dawg, I heard you like moving gnomes. So move a gnome to move a gnome to move a gnome to maybe remove a tile."

It was for a 'redesign contest' and whilst I didn't win, I was a runner up and I got a free table at UKGE (my first time exhibiting anywhere), as well as vague interest from 2 publishers.

It's been a long time but this weird little 2-player thing is finally scheduled to come out - Spiel 2023.



been feeling really horrible physically recently.

Have a few games I have to post but not done it for a while.

Honestly, I've showered 3 times since Friday and that's pretty much the extent of my recent physical activity. :-(


An interesting idea to help folk find others with similar interests.

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Self Promo on Fedi, a Writer's Take

i meant to wait to do this until I was feeling better, but I'm actually feeling worse and the only thing I can do is spit out stream of conscious takes.

So I might as well.

I'm seeing a lot of posts about self promo, creatives being driven off by lack of self promo, etc.

Haven't seen anyone talk about ways to make self-promo work.

The rest will be unlisted and under a CW. Please boost.

#amwriting #mastotip

A fresh take on how a 'best of the year' should look.

Check it out!

Great work from everyone involved.


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Prepare to have your mind blown - A truly interactive scale of the Universe (No, really, the entire known scale!) Takes us from people and cells, down to subatomic particles - or up to the entire observable universe?!?


#science #STEM #NGSS #highschoolteachers #scienceteachers
#physics #biology #chemistry #astronomy #earthscience

A description by Elizabeth Magie about The Landlord's Game (later Monopoly) in 1902 themonopolist.net/2017/03/17/t

"They learn that the quickest way to accumulate wealth and gain power is to get all the land ... and hold on to it."

This was the intended lesson.

But I disagree with Magie's optimism. :-(

Looking at the list of games with the 'auction: dexterity' mechanism according to BGG.

After looking at half the games, they all seem to be mislabelled so far.

I wonder if Going Going Gone by @scottnicholson is really the only example.

Update: I think there are actually 4 examples of this mechanism. But I'll keep investigating the others to be as sure as I can be.

Writing a list of relatively simple things that I could do daily to feel better. I won't aim to do them all, but will choose maybe 1-3 to focus on each day.

What else could I add to my list?

compliment a stranger
compliment a friend (or family)
share news with a friend (or family)

brush & floss
have a shower
make a cup of tea
walk around the block
put on some clothes that aren't pyjamas

I'm kinda bothered by the '2022 recaps' from everyone.

I want to know the hours played for the year, not just the first 95% of the year!

(And don't even get me started on the 'top game of 2022' lists that come out before March 2023, let alone months ago.)

Shout-out to Paul Grogan who takes about a year to consider their top games of the previous year.

What I think makes for a good demo:

Before: learn, teach, play, ponder (who is the audience?, what is cool?)

During: Invitation to play, <10s pitch, 30 second overview/demo, rules as needed.
Let folk say no.
Show AND tell.
Vary your tone.
Take care of yourself.

After: Ask what they thought.
Mention the availability.
Maybe another demo? Or maybe a kind goodbye.
Learn - what went well/badly?

What do you think I missed? Is there anything you disagree with?

Does anyone know any French language boardgame videos that have captions?

Not auto-generated captions pls.

Hoping to learn the French vocabulary that I'd actually use at a games convention.

boardgaming hot take 

Folk who say you shouldn't ask for replacement boxes because boxes aren't vital to the game are completely off-base.

Games are about agency, rules, and freedom. Any aesthetics are a secondary component.

As such, I don't think you can clearly say that a broken meeple is worse than the box having some damage.

Conversely, I'll agree with folk who say you maybe shouldn't ask for replacement boxes because it's wasteful (and expensive to replace).

Are there any rules for a good game title?

Honestly, I think that 'make it less than 5 syllables' and 'include a unique-ish combination of words' are ways to make it possible to find. Even though I break those rules constantly.

By contrast, 'avoid hard-to-spell made up words' is something I've managed to stick to.

Are there other 'rules'?

Are hashtags something that could be ok in a title?

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