@Stargazer I'm still getting over the learning curve for Star Wars/Genesys. I really like how the narrative system works, but I'm constantly going back to the book to "how do I interpret symbol X?"

It's the first system where I actually prefer an app to roll and interpret the dice.

@attercap @Stargazer I had talked about the Star Wars dice with my carpool buddy and fellow gamer. The Star Wars dice seem to drift too far to symbols and oracular interpretation, placing a heavy cognitive load whenever rolls are made. I much prefer the PbtA heuristic for all dice rolls. Please no apps so I can run your game.

@takeonrules @Stargazer I like PbtA, but it's more of a concept that still requires a setting to be built around the rules than something that can be used generically. There's no generic PbtA ruleset because everything is written around the setting.

Fate Core is my go-to as it has a simpler learning curve (only hurdle: flow of the Fate Point currency) and it's easy to plop into about any setting.

SW/Genesys does offer a unique narrative mechanic that probably couldn't be done with math rules.

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