Hello, everyone! I've heard this is a cool place to hang out for tabletop gaming fans!

@Stargazer make that the cat wise! Who told you that? :D

@jonas I don't remember who told me that. I guess got mentioned by people when the G+ shutdown was announced.

@Stargazer I never really got into G+, and I'm tired of the twitter timeline, so here I am.

@jonas I miss the old G+. Unfortunately Google basically broke it first and then decided to kill it off. Yeah, Twitter can be a lot like drinking from a firehose. But sometimes it can be pretty useful.

@Stargazer it totally is! at least for me (even if english isn't my mothertongue and that's quite a challenge :D) You'll get to know a lot of new people and you'll read a lot about different things.
I've seen that you own a blog. Do you know this:

@Levania Don't worry, English isn't my native language either. And to answer your question: yes, I know @kensanata and his site, but I have to admit I haven't checked it out in a while and I wasn't aware that he was running those Planet sites. I guess I should join both. :)


Welcome and yes, I think you're right.

I still read and post on reddit from time to time, but mastodon seems to become my go to place 👍

I wish more people would turn to #floss alternatives instead of migrating to yet another proprietary service ...

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