Why do I keep forgetting about tabletop.social? Am I bad human being?

Damn! I keep forgetting that this is a thing! 😥​

FYI: I am still alive. I survived the heat wave and currently I am working on an Ultima IV map editor which I am slowly turning into a game...

My end goal is to write an oldschool CRPG inspired by Ultima 4/5. Wish me luck!

I guess I haven't talked about Minecraft here. It might not be 100% on topic, but I guess some of you might be interested in what I am up to when I am not playing tabletop RPGs.
I recently started creating custom modpacks for Minecraft 1.12.2. Check out my new blog (lordstargazer.home.blog) and if you have any comments, advice or questions, please let me know!

I also just realized that I should use tabletop.social more often.

For a while now I have been looking for a good alternative for the long defunct Google Reader. I finally found it today with Commafeed. It has all the features I need including a dark theme, and works great with @kensanata's RPG Planet. ^_^

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You should strive to be a better person every day. Unless you're an asshole; don't become a better asshole.

@kensanata That's really weird. I think I have to investigate further.

@kensanata Hmm, I double-checked the RPG Planet website and the links seem to be fine there, but they are wrong, when using my RSS reader. It's either an issue with the Opera RSS reader or the feed itself.

@kensanata it seems to be an issue with all blogs on blogspot.com.

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