Ugh. I had the day off today and I slept too late and wasted too much time to have a fulfilling stream. I apologize.

Cab Calloway knew how to sing like only three songs but he "man-who-practices-a-single-punch-1000-times"'d the shit out of them

We're in an era that's probably going to be glossed over as " pandemic was happening but also these other things and somehow these aren't connected" and history shows/podcasts/articles are going to scream about incompetence.

I'm back after a brief hiatus and starting Outer Wilds! Let's see how this goes!

Currently trying to establish what is, and what is not, a curse.

Considering WT Corp's other decisions, this isn't shocking that a megacorp that's ruthlessly profit oriented would do this. Better to lose a crewmate than a ship, right?

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Weyland-Yutani decided it was more cost effective to let someone live or die, unassisted, in quarantine than to try and treat them.

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Considering space travel is predicated on the idea of accounting for every possibility you can and having protocol for it, it's reasonable to have a quarantine for people entering the ship. But without medical access in said area, we're left to draw one conclusion:

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Ellen Ripley was right not to break quarantine at the start of Alien but let's talk about the (probably profit-margin motivated by WT Corp) failure to have a treatment facility available in the quarantine area of the Nostromo.

The mirthless satisfaction I feel watching the asshole in a pickup behind me, who flashed his brights because he wanted me to get out of his way, get stuck at red light after red light. Fuck you, buddy.

Sometimes instead of grinding it out in video games you bake bread instead. The time feels wasted up until that very first delicious bite. Then it's all worth it.

So I may have started back into destiny 2 after pretty much not having played it since launch. Anybody got tips for me? The game boosted my light level to 750 off the bat.

Not to be too real on main but it's super hard not to be jealous of other people doing naturally what you have to work for. Sometimes I lose that fight and then it becomes a fight to avoid being spiteful about it.

Learnt to smoke ribs today. Mistakes were made but ultimately saved. Not as good as they could have been, but still good.

Begging the people around me to please just let me focus on one task even if it has downtime, I don't handle being split between cooking and cleaning at the same time well.

I don't think I can stream today gang. I'm gonna have to sleep off this headache instead.

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