CW: Murder Documentary 

I'm at war with myself because I wanna watch that JCS Criminal Psych video about people pretending to be insane to dodge punishment, but holy shit literally every moment of it is flooded with 100% pure uncut discomfort

Me, earlier today: Haha Elden Ring fans. Look at them, shitposting through the pain.

I Am Not Immune To Souls

I envy people who can rollerblade or ice skate. My legs have never been the correct shape to do those things. Also I have ankles made of paper maché.

If there's one thing I hate about doing my maps on paper as opposed to in, like, paint dot net, it's that if I want to move something around I have to erase and redraw it ;A;

God, I forgot how nice it feels to just write things in a notebook. Like, even though taking notes sucks, writing things is nice.

Y'all have no idea how much I restrain myself from commenting on your posts with my awful puns.

Today was a good day with Big Boss. I finally got him to play with the new mouse toy (He likes when it makes a lot of small wiggles) and I also got him to accept a treat from my hand. I love Bibo.

Dangit, now that I'm thinking about it, I really kinda wanna go 100% megaman powered up again. That game kicked ass.

Twizzler Pull And Peel are a healthy and natural way to exercise the predator instinct inside of us all.

Really digging receiver 2 as a very "methodical" FPS with roguelite gameplay. But be warned, it delves into some very heavy topics.

I think I just need to severely limit my Caffeine intake to, like, sub 30mg a day. Even though I've already shot past that today.

Okay, I know I'm kicking the hornet's nest here, but which is the best pokemon game? Like, not your favorite gen, or anything like that, but which game is the best story and adventure and all that?

Alright, walk with me here, I have a question: Say you're trying to red a book on a table, right? But it's got a particularly stiff spine, and it keeps flopping the pages back after you turn them. What, if anything, can I do to stop this?

"Now you can see here that the wizard put a lot of work into this lock - if we turn it around, here you can see all the standard sigils, plus a few interesting choices of protection rune. But this is still one of the worst cursed puzzle boxes I've ever seen, for one simple reason - it has zero elemental defenses. All we have to do is Shape a little Water into the lock, flash-freeze it to expand, aaand... it comes right open. Overall, I can't say I recommend this lock for storing anything more important than your ball bearings - it simply isn't going to stop your average adventurer. In any case, that's all I have for you today. This has been The Lockpicking Rogue, and as always, have a nice day."

I am constantly at war with myself with how I should study for the A+ exam. As I'm doing one method, I think I should be doing the other, and when I switch, I go "Ehhh maybe the other was better."


A+ cert study is like 50% "I know this", 25% "I did not know this." And ???% acronym salad and tables of numbers with letters.

Has anyone solved writing on the side of a notebook that isn't the good one for your hand? Lefties? Got any techniques?

Big Boss continues to hiss but let me pet him when he eats. I wish to teach him more words (And more love)

Positively raving in this customer survey so that the fast food employee I spent a grand total of 45s speaking to gets some kind of bonus or kickback or something.

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