So I know I have like 7 or 8 more zelda games to go through, but I think I prefer the ones where Link and Zelda are already friends to the ones where they never met before the start of the game. Link's friends are always better, emotionally, than distant princess Zelda.

I feel like nobody buys multipacks of screen protectors because they hold onto one and replace it after a reasonable amount of time. I feel like everyone who uses them is like me and buys multipacks for the sense of peace you get knowing you have multiple tries at applying them.

I am suffering from the muscle memory of like four years with the same phone and everything being in slightly different places.

Always package your stuff like you expect a very large person to be standing, leaning, or sitting on it at some point, big or small parcel.

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One thing that really pisses me off about my job is the confirmation I received once about it being more profitable to fuck up a certain percentage of freight on the notion that a worker (me, or someone in my position) will fix it later or the customer won't care enough to file a claim. So you get shit stacked that should never have been stacked, and stuff crammed in until pallets are breaking.

I was, due to my own not paying attention, left with having to sleep in the same room as Kitty while they were out of their cage. They picked a hiding spot next to my bed and stayed there for four hours and later on returned to their cage. So that's good.

So "new" phone is pretty much set up. I wish I realized I could remove the branding (requires a wipe) before I fully set it up, but eh. I only see it on restarts. It's much faster. Today's the battery test.

He likes to make a mess of his area, which I am then forced to regularly clean.

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My gaming lately has been swapping between DragonQuest 11 while i'm PC-ing, and DS Chrono Trigger (on my 3DS) when I'm sitting around away from PC. Both are solid starting out experiences, though I went through some hurdles for both as well.

Anyways, if you want to know more about my interactions with him just know that I lightly sing the words "Kitty kitty kitty" to the tune of super mario bros underground theme at or near him multiple times a day.

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I still wish I wasn't owner of the loudest chair in existence, though. It feels mean every time I move around and scare him.

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He's also less afraid of my clicky computer sounds, though I still prefer doing things with headphones right now for his sake.

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Kitty is getting more comfortable with eating while i'm around again. It helps if I dim the room a bit first. I'm feeding him door-closed first today, bc he completely missed one of his feeding times yesterday out of reluctance to eat. Later i'll do open door feeding.

IDK if Italian Beef is a regional thing to illinois or not, but if you've never had one, you should definitely get one with fries. Get the juice on the side (It's basically thin, seasoned gravy) and dip your sandwich/fries in it. I recommend a beef on garlic bread w/mozzarella.

Started on Harrow the Ninth. My only question is are these discrepancies temporal or mental? Hmmm

Backing up my phone in preparation of Newer Phone. Phone's Younger Brother. Boy, it is a fuckin' nightmare to back things up from android.

Do I faff about and waste 40 minutes so I can use a free pizza slice offer that expires tomorrow or do I just say fuggit and go home.

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