I'm having trouble with Divinity: Original Sin 2. You see, I picked it up near it's original release, and got several maps deep. Then I found out that they were reworking and expanding it later, so I paused. Now i want a new playthrough, but idk what character to be.

Today's schedule: cut lawn, trim lilac bush, prepare dough to bake foccacia tomorrow, then burn my eyeballs out with ff14.

twitch.tv/gamegeneral Okay, i'm late but here it is, time for more Zelda in this hecke of a place.

I finally beat Gun Rounds on the hardest difficulty! What a great and challenging game. I'd love to see an expanded sequel. This kind of gameplay could easily fit into a full rpg story.

At this point I should just schedule my streams for 1:30pm

My ideal body type would be a lupin III character. 80% leg, 40% rubber, 100% dumb.

I made focaccia today. I definitely cheated and it's still delicious. Family gives it rave reviews.

Also, being forced to do things that start dislodging my schedule when I could have been told about them a week in advance is double bullshit.

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The most annoying thing I ever tricked myself into believing was that all chores suck and I hate them. The reality is most chores are neutral, some rock, and only a couple really suck, but everything under the "clean up after other people" is actually bullshit.

I love seeing people complain about skill based matchmaking in games but there's a nugget of validity to the idea that people SHOULD be able to hang out with their friends and have low stress games. Which is why dedicated servers should come back.

twitch.tv/gamegeneral We got more oracle of seasons today. I really wanna actually play crusader kings 3 though because that game's hilarious.

When the weather's nice and fuckin WIMDY and it blows the tail of your jacket behind you as you walk and you feel like a badass.

Halfdan as a name is hilarious to me. My brain always completes it to "Halfdan, half-machine, ALL NORSE."

I feel like if I had the time and capability to bake bread every day I would. Probably make several loaves of dough at once but just bake them one a day.

I saw THE most ps1 cat I ever seen today in Megaman Legends. Fuckin' mood.

I baked a loaf of bread today. It's cooling now and my stream is starting. If you wanna see what it looks like, it'll be done cooling in about 30-45 minutes and will make a special guest appearance while i stream megaman legends! twitch.tv/gamegeneral

I know the Disney XD version of gravity falls had good content pulled out of it, is there anywhere short of piracy that has the originals

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God I love when a show goes all weirdmageddon. I should rewatch gravity falls.

So dead by daylight is fucking great. I get mad throws with the huntress's axe

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