Thinking about making a warlock whose pact saps their humanity and gradually reduces them to a feral monster.

Playing dnd like trying hats on at the store but for identities

Country has a thriving medicine trade. You wouldn't think it, but necromancy makes surgical options way more viable

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Tempted to add a far off country to my setting where all magic is done with ghosts. Wizards learn spells via the writings of long dead casters, parts of which inhabit their brains. Sorcerers always have one foot in the other side. Clerics and paladins have the spirits of saints past in them. Warlocks. C'mon.

I feel like a smaller interior world (Like, in hollow earth theory) would have shorter buildings, and cities wouldn't be able to do that thing where they get taller towards the middle, bc while the normal world allows them to have a gap at the tops, they would start to crowd the closer to the center they got. But maybe there's room for skybridges in that sort of thing? Thinking about it, might make a setting that uses it.

Fuck it, gonna make another acct on a new instance. I could be befriending you tomorrow and you might not even know.

This new job and the subsequent income increase means I feel less guilty about dropping money to try out apps and I've found out that moon+ actually fucks as a reading software! I'm studying on the train with it! What the fuck!

My IT job taught me what a credenza is today. Life is weird.

What's a good desk chair for a plus sized dude? Needs to have at least 350LB capacity for ass. Bonus if it isn't the tallest thing in existence, either.

Mini motorways plays super well over moonlight. It's running on my PC while I'm on my Android tablet playing with a pen. A+, wish I could just buy an Android version.

Mh, politics, covid, 

I wouldn't dare post this on Twitter, bc god, imagine the sock puppet bait, but my area just went back to mandatory masks which is better than "no masks if you're vaccinated", but I'm just. So exhausted of wearing a mask.

It's literally fatiguing. Just. Wearing this constant reminder of how fucked everything is and how we could have done so much better if firestokers weren't whipping fashies into a frenzy over this whole thing. I'll keep doing it. I'm just so tired.

I'm already having fun with @dungeontime but I have to be at work now lol. At least we get to see the first npc.

Lollapalooza is from now until Sunday night and I'm like 90% sure it's going to fuck up my train schedule. We're still in a pandemic and they're expecting 100k visitors daily. The fuck.

Does anyone know someone who makes nice planners? I wanna try doing it again since I've got a routine that might be conducive to it.

After six weeks doing IT for a "prestigious" financial institution I have concluded oh my god everything is on fire and IT people are the only reason any of the fires go out

While I don't think there's a "normal" way to use fediverse, I definitely feel like I'm at least a standard deviation away from it

Finally finished critical role campaign 2. I still need to go back and listen to campaign 1 but audio issues in those early episodes really really put me off.

Pretty sure the tape on the spine isn't intentional by the publisher though

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