Something I generally miss in source books for s is just general information about how the world works. Especially sci-fi games.

I want information about how gravity (and gravity projectors or similar tech works), I want information on how quickly a space ship decompresses outside of atmospheres, I want to know how severe a hole in my spacesuit is, or how dangerous it is to travel through an astroid-belt.
For me, all these things are really important for the genre of sci-fi.


@corvidae yeah maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I'm always a fan of just incidental civilian shit in sci-fi settings, especially when there's some larger attention-grabbing conflict going down.
Like you got a galactic scale war goin on and all these people are wearing brightly-colored uniforms? WHERE DO YOU GET THAT MUCH CLOTHING DYE? who's making it? how are you transporting it? are you using longstanding infrastructure or is it an ad-hoc thing? etc.

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