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I needed to practice with my art pad so I drew a new avatar for myself. Really happy at how it turned out

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Hi. I was linked to Mastodon via NonCompete on youtube, and I decided to check it out.
My name is Brian, I'm 23, he/they, I play a lot of D&D online, and I'm currently studying for a 2-year degree in game design.

I enjoy strategy & card games, I'm an amateur artist, and I have a special interest in psychology, communications, ethics and game theory.

Also I'm entirely new to mastodon, so apologies in advance for not knowing how anything works :P

wanna make a video game with character customization and when you choose your gender the only options are "yes" and "no"

*youth pastor voice* hey, you know who really "Isekai'd" his way down to earth?

made this as a meme template but i think it actually works better bare

that good-aligned D&D player feel when you have to look up the Geneva convention to call your party out for actually doing war crimes

Just finished painting my first chaos knight model. Long live the queen!

You ever think about how FedEx stands for Federal Express and yet has nothing to do with the federal government?

me, who has never smoked even a single marijuanna: ehehehe it weed day

I really hope music majors got a lot of mileage out of "vibe check" when tuning their instruments. I feel like they're the only ones with the clout to reduce that joke to the dad joke status it truly deserves

Maybe the real laughter of thirsting gods was the friends we made along the way


there was a year in highschool where I was given one of those phony class awards titled "most likely to argue with a philosopher"

I'm just here to tell you that Plato is still a lil bitch and I don't respect him

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