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I needed to practice with my art pad so I drew a new avatar for myself. Really happy at how it turned out

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Hi. I was linked to Mastodon via NonCompete on youtube, and I decided to check it out.
My name is Brian, I'm 23, he/they, I play a lot of D&D online, and I'm currently studying for a 2-year degree in game design.

I enjoy strategy & card games, I'm an amateur artist, and I have a special interest in psychology, communications, ethics and game theory.

Also I'm entirely new to mastodon, so apologies in advance for not knowing how anything works :P

me like 6 months ago: "Idunno if I should come out to my Very Gay™️ D&D group cause I'm not sure if I'm ready for that kind of vulnerability"
me now: "Imma just put a pride flag in my facebook profile pic cause like what are they gonna do? call the gender police?"

everytime i kiss a person i want it to be a slap in the face to the bastard philosopher plato

this accoubnt is a safe space for scene kids. rawr xd in my mentions all you want, its chill

booty shorts with "satire requires a clarity of purpose and target lest it be mistaken for and contribute to that which it intends to criticize" written on the ass

my favorite color is magenta cause apparently it's not actually a real color and only exists as a weird quirk of our perception and honestly... goals

there was a year in highschool where I was given one of those phony class awards titled "most likely to argue with a philosopher"

I'm just here to tell you that Plato is still a lil bitch and I don't respect him

Maybe the real laughter of thirsting gods was the friends we made along the way

man can you imagine hosting some educational kids' show in the 90's then ur just eternally saddled with the title of "Science Guy"? Could anyone even take that title away from him at this point? Is Bill Nye a tenured science guy?

I'm coming out of my shell and I am Barely Holding It Together

sometimes u just gotta draw urself in a pride hoodie cause that's self care babey

CW gore, spilled coffee 

Doc Andrews from a 40k game I played in awhile ago

also I know it's my own drawing, but it is so fucking validating seeing people with clearly gendered presentation using they/them pronouns and I am having Some Emotions™️ about it

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Sometimes you just gotta draw something cute and gay. They're showing off their new tie-dye to their cool punk gf

when u type in the URL wrong and accidentally find yourself on faebook

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