This collection of clips Rachel Maddow is showing of Nick Fuentes is making me want to throw things.

Check out my Thanksgiving dark fantasy story “Thankful” for free at my Patreon! It’s got blood magic and roasted monstrosity and weird cousins

Wondering if anyone has coined the term, Birdchan, yet for the future of Twitter? It slipped out in a conversation yesterday with some university comms folks who are trying to figure out what their social media strategies should be going forward.

Georgia has now outlawed abortion before most women know they are pregnant. I sure hope women in Georgia will make a point to get out and vote in the senate runoff.

Senator Warnock will protect your rights. Herschel the Hypocrite won't. His mistresses will still have options because he is rich. Most women won't.

So vote, damnit! And bring friends.

oh wow China is over 90% vaccinated for 2 doses of a COVID vaccine and now they're introducing inhalable vaccines (based on viral vector vaccines) that come out of like a bubble tea cup for use as a booster

targeting the lungs directly may result in stronger immunity

I sat by an election denier on the airplane and he started poking me in the arm to be emphatic about his views on people stealing ballots secretly and the airplane was full and I couldn’t move anywhere so I started explaining the yellow fever in very great detail, all the way down to telling him about the bloody vomit that looks like coffee grounds and it worked. He stopped talking to me. The moral of this story is you can’t out-weird an academic; our toolset is too vast. #vastearlyamerica

I have no idea why mythical posts always float around after gun tragedies that claim we need more and especially in our homes.

We don’t. It doesn’t work. I have to repost this every few months.

Do guns make us safer? Science suggests no | News | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health-

Audio of this month's poetry postcard, plus my introspective ramblings, are up for patrons on that tier. Thank you!

The Dragon Den

“This illrigger’s base looks like a giant stone dragon!”
“So what? It just reinforces that we’re in the right place to SMITE EVIL!”

I started with #streetphotography about 10 years ago when i bought my first real camera.

When i was a kid i used to play with a broken plastic camera that were used as a family travel camera. I've always wandered around my city, even as a child pretending to be a photographer.

Many years have passed since then and i still play a lot. I capture my daily life and i'll like to show You.

#spcuration #photography #art #street #streetart #movement #blur #fotografia #arte #argentina

I’m still struggling to unlearn the habits I’ve built up over 20+ years of being on social media. There’s that weird mix of performativity and anticipatory defensiveness that both serve to color and mute my voice and diminish my thoughts here. I’d like to revisit that. What are the things I’ve forgotten how to say on the internet?

Senate report concludes FBI and DHS are not adequately focused on domestic extremists

Report also faults social-media platforms for encouraging the spread of violent and antigovernment content

#news #uspol #usa #politics #FBI #DHS

Burt's Bees reporting users of for claiming "Burt definitely fucks the Bees"

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Social networks need critical mass to sustain themselves.

Part of that is making sure this site has that critical mass by encouraging folks to come here.

Part of that is making sure bird site isn't a place where you provide free content anymore.

There's a good chance when you joined here, you cared more about the first of those as a hedge against bird site dying.

But if recent changes mean you want birdsite to affirmatively die, you'll need to do both.


If people screenshot trump here it’s an immediate block/mute.

switter (the sex worker instance) was closed because of literal actual government interference from numerous nations. please do the reading before painting fedi with a swerf or other reactionary brush. i want sex workers to be SAFE dammit and that means knowing when we can't responsibly be a part of your work. and sex work is work.
please read - their own words - before developing a Take.

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