The Politics of War, Running the Game #80 What starts the wars in your game? What lead to your wars? What explodes your wars? How do your politicians see war?

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Comfortable Play - Respecting Boundaries in Tabletop RPGs - Extra Credits How to keep the table relaxed enough to have a good game. Even if playing some scary, disturbing, or upsetting material.

Fun night on Digimon digitest. Mostly role play with planing to get into the city the group is wanted in, getting an audience with the mayor, and getting a clue where the ancient ruins are. All players did really well, and much fun had.

Plus, soooo glad I got to finally introduce these two. Been waiting soo long for a good time to bring them in.

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One of the difficult things about doing historical world building is realizing how deeply interconnected the world has been throughout most periods of history.
Rome was connected to China and to India by trade, Merchants from Muslim Spain traveled all throughout the Slavic world and some got as far as Scandinavian trading towns.
You can't cleanly chop a place or a time out of history, out of its connections to all other places, and to its own past in order to base your world on it

I also played Munchkin for the first time. And I was always told it was a game about screwing your friends over. But the paladin me -did- find some ways to not, and even get ahead without cursing them. In fact, we all made it to lvl 9. I could have messed up my friend's battle, but chose not to.

I didnt think I would have fun, and might not pursue the game after this, but it is not a bad game. Well designed.

For my birthday, my awesome friends played some Superfight with me, which is my favorite tabletop game. I LOVE debate, and this is a game where we debate terms and conditions of pop and nerd culture figures and power and tools. And I am so happy they gave me the chance to do that. I love my Bday gift of 8 rounds of this game. And cant thank my buds enough.

GM tip: Just starting your game, and feeling like your getting everything wrong?

I highly recommend starting a GM journal. Talk about what went right, what went wrong, and how they happened. How did people react.

It helps to think things through, look back when you have doubt later on. And it gives real words to what your feeling.

Also, you dont have to doggedly keep it up. I stopped in mine once I felt confident, and just didnt need it anymore.

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Me, after dnd yesterday: "So not today since we just finished the session, but are you good with doing a mini session for what my character was doing during those 2 days?"
My dm: "Sure, sounds good!"

1 hour later

DM: "Okay, so we're gonna roll for initiative for this combat because why not."

15 minutes later:

Me: "I can't believe we're ruining this npc's life like this. I can't believe we're doing this him."

Poll [without the poll feature]
What is the latest you will allow a game to go?

To zoom a webpage, you can also hold Ctrl and move the mouse wheel up.

Cool new Mastodon trick I just learned:
If you find the multiple timelines of Mastodon on a browser distracting, there's a clean way to condense.

Snap your browser to the side to make it half of the screen. Then zoom (hold Ctrl & tap +) to 170% zoom. Then Mastodon will only show one TL. You can use the buttons at the top to switch to Home, Notifications, Local, etc.

This helps if you work better with one thing to look at. I'm ADD, and this, plus the bigger letters, is easier on my eyes.

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So an irl friend and I are interested in starting an online (like through Discord?) DND campaign. Both of us have only played a few sessions of a campaign that won't be continued anytime soon (since my ex was the DM), and neither of us are comfortable DMing. Anyone have suggestions on how to get a good (friendly/compatible) party and DM together? (boosts are v welcome)

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I really love that quote "Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic" cause it basically implies that all scientists are actually just really shitty wizards

Why Do People Interrupt You? There is a whole area of the brain that interprets when to take your turn in a conversation. How long do you have to respond before your interrupting or pausing awkwardly?

I would guess that this gets a real work out in a game session. When do I chime in? Should I interrupt the other player or let them finish.

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Without fail I read "Polymorphy" as "Polyamory" and it takes me a few seconds to correct myself mentally

Did not have an actual test of tonight, but it was very productive. We introduced the mechanic where humans can change into digimon and worked through it's details.

This launched me into looking at how all the different *types* of digivolution could interact. This is a -whole- new line of research to do. !

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„Roleplaying games are a special kind of art where the consumer is also an artist.“

From the new edition of “Over the Edge” by Jonathan Tweet. I really like that line. I guess I’ll also like this new book.

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This is actually a very novel idea for using Magic cards. I have a bunch of magic cards that I don't use and don't need. These are a lot of very cool ideas. This also brought me down memory lane and had me search for a database for art. After a while I found a good database and found the set that I badgered my parents to buy back in 2002 when I was a little boy and this was my favorite card!

GM tip: If you can, write down all of your players' characters' lies to NPCs, especially longstanding and ongoing ones. If the PC accidentally reveals the lie down the line, that could be an interesting story point, OR a chance for the character redeem themselves.

Note: it's also a chance for them to snowball the lie.

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