Language, Not Rules Is having super, accurate rules most important in a manual? Or is it giving the ~language~ for everyone to communicate what they want to do?

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While curating some Tavern Music for D&D sessions on our YouTube channel, I came across this gem. Such a beautiful cover, with so few views. Give it a listen!

New concept: Candy Mechanics

I think of this as non-essential game mechanics concepts that sound really good at first. They are fun and a bit game breaky, but surpass alot of difficulty. But in actual use, they can become very game breaking, surpass some important story/combat points, can give players control they maybe shouldnt have, and in general cause headaches.

I noticed a fellow, local DM keeps coming up with these, and his games kinda derail. Have you made/ noticed such mechanics?

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On our walk, I went under the hanging branches of a mature river birch.

Infinity Train: the Unofficial Tabletop RPG | Playtesting Trailer A TTRPG of is entering playtesting. Fill out a form to enter.

I'm doing some research on a game I'm developing. Does anyone have examples of TTRPGs that use cards for "rolling" or skill chance?

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Hate it when I'm trying to make out with a cool talking frog and they turn into some fucking rando guy all of a sudden?!

It's bullshit. If I wanted to kiss a boring ol' prince I wouldn't be looking for makeouts in a bog, ERIC!

Yesterday I came up with a rough idea for age in games.

For younger ages [10-17]: a minus 2 to a mental, base ability, & a plus 2 to a physical, base ability (prob no strength, tho not counted out).

For older ages [40-onward]: a minus 2 to a physical, & a plus 2 to a mental.

{to simulate the the disparity between common age traits.}

I need some.. advice, encouragement, maybe even moral.

I have a player that likes playing extremely powerful chars. Juggernaut, Ares, big super strong chars, with some stupid powers. And if he cant, he's just not into it.

I'm trying to not judge that play-style, while also having a balanced game with a system I designed. But his requests are not making it easy.

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A player has resigned from my ongoing GUTS+ campaign, so it's time to see if anyone in the Fediverse might be interested in joining in! It's an urban fantasy setting where plants are being given destructive sentience by a science conglomerate that just so happens to be run by aliens.

Its tone is a mix of lighthearted fun and mildly serious themes (like Nintendo's ), and you can read up and join here if you're interested:

Reciprocity in RPGs - How to Share the Spotlight - Extra Credits
How giving up your shining moment in the game to someone else can make the group, and game, stronger and more enjoyable.

The story so far: the Digimon Emperor has taken over almost half of the Digital World, and it may be connected to the disappearance of the most of the Gennai.

Let me know if you have questions, or if you are interested. Thanks.

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You might remember me from a few months back. I am running a Digimon game online on Thursdays. I am still looking for more players to join, and would like to ask here again.

We meet every other Thurs. As in, the next game is not this Thurs the 17th, but instead next Thurs the 24th. We meet at 7:00pm CST, and play to 10pm. You play as a modern day person who arrives in the Digital World, and find your digimon partner (a character you share with the GM).

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there is no experience more horrifyingly surreal than playing Cards Against Humanity with a group of upper-middle class straight white college students

1) I believe that if you are bringing in a new player to game that has gone on for a while (20-ish sessions), you need to give them their own story before they start, and a story that leads them to there the other players are now. That way they have an *individual* investment (both player and character) in the world, and therefore story.

2) But that is very hard on a time crunch. I might have to do a lightning round for their intro (Not really much dialog, mostly exposition back and fourth.) However, that is nooot very immersive. REALLY wish I had more time with this player. He seems like a good egg.

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Hey fediverse! If anyone wants in on either a temporary or permanent spot in a cool urban fantasy inspired by where plants are acquiring sentience and rapid growth, then join my Mother Earth campaign on !

There are 2 player slots open, and we're using my RPG system. It's tons of fun, and we're entering a new area that's been recently overrun by plants and needs your help!

Learn the GUTS+ System here:

@Twinkee @Yoric @Kris Thank you so much for the boost of my ad for players. This is kinda life or death for this table, and I really appreciate it.

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