The actual character sheet for my game is 4 pages long. And there is one set for human chars, and one set for digimon partners. The actual skills get lost toward the bottom. I noticed that my players werent using their skills much.

So out of fear that they are forgetting them, I made a Summary Sheet. Not as much detail, but hopefully enough needed-info that can just be glanced at.

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Recently learned that someone made a dyslexia-friendly character sheet for and it's PWYW on the .

Pass it on for our dyslexic friends:

For the Digimon TTRPG I'm designing, I've been perplexed from the start as to what to mechanically do with the Virtues [Courage, Love Curiosity, etc.] Currently looking at having feats to them, but then the kick is wording the feats.

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it’s a rare thing to be in a campaign long enough and with a good enough GM that they hit you with a plot twist about your backstory that absolutely shatters you, but goddamn when it happens...

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Tonight during the digitest, the group will be meeting the Cult of Silence [which they had a hand in creating], only to find they are a pacifist village living their own truth.

But then the nearby Pidmon from Light Springs come in to destroy the village for having a philosophy no digimon should have.

This will be a chance for the group to use Fractile Digitization, which will allow the human characters to become digimon

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White privilege, owning my own mistakes. Show more

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When it comes to RPGs, do people think that MORE classes is better?
...or LESS classes ...with more scope to specialise as a character progresses?

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Elsewhere in the world, a Cleric sits in a rustic tavern room. On the walls are papers chronicling the result of countless trials: climbing trees, throwing stones, asking strangers questions.

Each of these papers comes to the same conclusion: 5% of the time each of these actions was met with failure. Not 6%. Not 2%. Precisely 5.

She feverishly draws onto parchment what she believes must be the secret entity, the god that controls fate.

A 20 sided monster with numbers on each surface.

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The barbarian called the members of the party over to their corner of the campsite.

"I have 20 daggers. Now look."

One by one each of the daggers was skillfully thrown at a nearby tree. All but one found their mark. The one that missed skipped off the side of the bark of the tree, doing no damage.

"Every time, without fail, I miss one in twenty. Why do you think that is?"

The wizard scratched the side of his floppy hat.

"Probably a coincidence," was all he could say.

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After years of not playing Call of Cthulhu outside of the occasional convention one-shot, I started a new campaign yesterday. Things went successfully (as my players left wanting another session). We had some rule questions and I was reminded of my axiom: It's more important for the pace of the game to avoid going to the book for any question and to instead go with the flow/what seems correct. Then, upon learning the correct way, acknowledging and using the correct rule in future scenarios.

Woops. Lol, so the M A S T O 95 flavor looks good, buuuut the text for normal toots is white on a white background. The body text is invisible unless you highlight it. @host

Using the M A S T O 9 5 flavor, and this Windows95 look is really retro, and kinda cool actually. A real contrast to the UI designs of today.

Everything is very clear, and there is alot of contrast. Easy on the eyes.

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Self care can be small, simple, and take just a moment. Fit it into your daily life.

Hi. this is my . I am a card game player too {Bakugan currently}, but am mostly a GM, and play here and there. I am also jumping into designing by designing and currently testing a Digimon ttrpg. I cant wait to see what happens here. Thanks

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