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please boost this to nuke my instance, i'm trying to test something

imagine every funko pop ever made being crushed by a steamroller

Hardspace: Shipbreaker is definitely doing it for me. Really makes you want to put on your Lynx Corporation Salvage Division space suit and [REDACTED] billionaires into a woodchipper.

Heads up: if you're looking for a VTT, Foundry is doing 20% off this week as some anniversary thing. It's easily my favourite VTT, and the modding community has released stuff that can make it do pretty much anything you want. It's especially good at D&D because that's the most popular game out there, but the support for Cubicle 7 and Free League games is also insanely good. Well worth checking out.

I've cursed myself. There's a boba tea place nearby and now I find myself craving that as my main source of caffeine over coffee. Not that it's bad, but I can't exactly make boba tea at home.

At least, not *yet*. :think_smirk:

Since Mastodon has no equivalent of the Circles of Google+, we need other methods of finding like-minded people.

Here is a Google Sheet of users interested in #ttrpg . Add your own username if you want to connect to other tabletop role-playing gamers - and boost the list so that others can find it!

#dnd #pathfinder #callofcthulhu #pnpde

Absolutely worth your time if you like to ponder the illusion and horror of choice in games, the myriad complexities of game development, or simply like listening to a really smooth English accent.

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I was playing the updated Stanley Parable until 5am and... I'm genuinely impressed at how they took apart the original game, poked fun at both "ultra edition" expansions and sequels, and blended it all in kind of seamlessly with the original. And it is a lovingly-rendered bucket.

I cannot explain just how excited I am to see an updated, expanded Stanley Parable. Possibly one of the best videogames ever made, with achievements to match:

I often find it helpful, when explaining the british to the rest of the world, to show this video and say that the UK's public, seemingly of their own free will, made this song number 1 in the 90s.

Ready to begin running Death on the Reik tomorrow. Gonna spring this one on the players once they get their own river barge :thinkergunsunglasses:

Death on the Reik all set to start for tomorrow! Including such fancy new features as an animated background for the party's boat to simulate movement, some experimental use of multiple level layers and a bitchin' new "title screen"

RT @Rebels4Choice
It's been a real eye-opener and a shocking reminder of how classist our health system is: None of those medics demanding we trust the Church and Fianna Fáil have ever had to navigate the public health system as service users

important to keep in mind that if anyone is losing obscene amounts of money on NFTs/crypto right now, it's very funny. it's hilarious. thanks

Video games attained perfection in 2009 with Muscle March. Try to find a flaw in this trailer. That's right you can't

Oh wow, I spent the entire day messing about with Foundry in preparation for the next volume of Enemy Within. It feels like forever since I did something as enjoyable.

Writing done.

While I wait for edits to come in, I can drink, cry and sleep for a week.

A friend of mine once coined the phrase "Gimme dem bees!" as meaning "yes, I approve strongly/very much want one of those" and I've never really stopped thinking about it since.

masto/fedi advice for artists 

one thing that is different here than commercial places you might be used to is that metrics doesn't matter. interactions do.

boost other people's work (or reply to them) engage in meaningful conversations.

the less you treat this place as a broadcast medium and more as a communication platform, the more you will enjoy the fediverse.

hope this helps

#fediTips #mastodon #pixelfed

Do t know why I thought going to bed early would help when all it did was give me a sore back and three hours I could have spent writing or playing video games

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