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Medical rant, self pity 

I had suspected, but the report for my last MRI scan confirms it; the surgery 3 years ago to fuse 3 vertebrae and remove their discs in my neck is failing, or never really worked at all. It's... quite a lot for me to take in, right now. A severe depressive episode is not a good time to discover something like this. Especially when your GP throws a diabetes scare into the mix.

Fucking hell, I'm tired.

Most US folk don't know about COINTELPRO, the FBI program that targeted Black civil rights leaders for false arrest, and yes, assassination. US folks don't know this, because it's not taught in schools. But Black kids know about COINTELPRO.

Most US folk don't know what a "Black Identity Extremist" is. Again, not taught in schools. If you joined a George Floyd BLM protest, there's a good chance you were investigated as a Black Identity Extremist. Again by the FBI. Black kids know this.

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Twitter offering to show you 50% fewer ads if you pay them is both deeply hilarious and mind bogglingly absurd

UK Pol 

If the Duolingo notifications aren't quite the kick up the arse you need to learn a foreign language, you can try any UK news RSS feed, or simply open the "UK pol" CWs on Mastodon

Next time someone complains about singular "they" I'll point them to this 17th century rant against singular "you"

Search meta, actual serious opinion 

One thing with all of the attempts so far is that there has been choice taken away from people over what of theirs is searchable. Even searchtodon, with the dev adamant he considered privacy, did not think about making a product that you could opt-in to, only opt-out of.

If you want to make something that will be widely accepted, you have to let people choose to be a part of it, not force them to be. If it's such a good idea, let it stand on its merits.

Why would the FBI mark MLK as "the most dangerous negro?"

Because he had the ability to move others to peaceful protest with his words. Words. Peaceable assembly. In other words, textbook 1st amendment rights.

The US is so racist, that a Black man exercising his first amendment rights, is considered dangerous. But sure, "let the Nazis talk"🤡

The 1st amendment isn't real if it only applies to white people. Saying "Stop killing us and let us vote" should not trigger FBI attempts to destroy you.

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meta - search, public posts, and consent - long toot 

the person who built the now-defunct searchtodon "experiment" posted a post mortem. the replies are once again filled with comments like "people don't understand how useful tools like this could be" and "what do people expect posting publicly on the internet" and "bad actors are already doing this though I'm sure of it" so I'm going to try and make this clear once again.

this network, by which I mean the network(s) of instances that federate content to each other (sometimes) via ActivityPub, is operated by thousands of individuals via loose consensus as to the acceptable uses thereof. each instance is independent of all the others and makes its own decisions in that regard. it is messy - it fragments and shards as instances defederate from each other for various reasons - a lack of consensus between the instances involved.

this system has allowed people to share their thoughts with each other for many years now.

what this system does not do is grant anyone an irrevocable license to take any given user's public posts on the network and use them however they see fit. the post is the author's and not yours and not mine.

when you build a tool to repurpose others' content without their consent you're taking something that isn't yours and doing what you want without any regard for the rights of the author. that sucks. you do so without any regard for the additional load your "service" puts on the network servers and operators. that also sucks.

in the corner of the fediverse that I inhabit we try and make this space - this consensually operated federation - a place where people can express themselves without being taken advantage of. companies in the social networking space have been taking advantage of people for years in the name of profit. do not come here and decide to take advantage of people in the name of "open data" or some bullshit instead. simply choose to respect the wishes of others when they tell you to leave their stuff alone over and over again. it's easy. just don't.

Trying to find parts, boosts appreciated.

I need some Suzo 500 (or similar) joysticks. They're very hard to get here in the USA, but they were in every chip-shop JAMMA cab in the UK 30 years ago.

These sticks are for steel panels, have a VERY short throw, and a dust washer molded to the shaft.

They were called "omni-stik basic" and "Euro-stick" by some sites.

One site has them but wants $150 for shipping :(

Cash waiting! Just feeling nostalgic for the sticks I remember from my youth. :)

The Trolley Problem is that we have roads and cars and we don't have any fucking trolleys.

Morbid, dying relative 

I have Feelings about it, but nobody in this house would get it. There's so much going on already, and so little of it good, that my mental health simply has to take a back seat. Cold comfort to my screwed up, burnt out brain, naturally.

Fuck man, I'm so *tired* and there's just no rest, I have to keep going despite running on fumes.

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Morbid, dying relative 

My uncle got pneumonia just before Christmas, just after he'd had a stroke. Today his family said he was getting worse, so I accompanied my dad to Sligo to see him, quite possibly the last time we'll see him alive. We last saw him in April, and... it was hard, seeing the shadow he's become in so little time. Barely conscious, struggling to breathe, took ages for him to recognise his own brother and I doubt he even saw me. Incredibly grim stuff.

There's a lot of marginalised people on here who don't want their posts exposed to things like block, nsfw, art tags etc. Sharing something unlisted or even public doesn't mean you should come steaming in and open it to a massively public sphere where harassment is more likely, for example.
And those places exist here, it's not all friendly. Just leave people's shit alone if they don't want it to have the scope increased. They're capable of making their own choices.

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trying to explain pepperami foreskins to someone who has never had a pepperami and they are not understanding me one bit

@Minnesnowta as this is life and death, i am absolutely serious with this question and can pass the feedback on:

what could unhoused people do to be acceptable to you?

For you to choose their survival over police?

Listen, I'm just in a bad place right now...

Britain. I'm in Britain.

very funny to see a regular post like, 'pulling my dick and balls over my head as i ride my e-scooter straight into the canal', and have someone who registered two days ago pipe in with 'Excuse me, but I think you'll find the community rules say-'

Boost this toot if you think Mastodon doesn't care whether you boost this toot or not

text-to-speech ai meta 

They trained it on public domain audio books. JFC.

(Fucking corporate vultures.)

((Can't do something nice for people without thinking around corners on how corporations will misuse it.))

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