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Got the flamer in Darktide and feel like a PROPER Ministorum Preacher now. It doesn't fuck around, it will absolutely *destroy* entire hordes of charging mooks, real Hank Scorpio hours up in Hive Tertium

The property crisis was caused by multiple, complex factors that are easy to get lost in the weeds on. But the solution - or at least, an extremely effective and easy to implement step - is very simple.

Outlaw short term rentals in Dublin City center and any other rental red-zone in the country. I don't give a shit about some landlords extra income stream and neither should you. This is a crisis.

didn't think I'd see defederate mean literally removing US federal agents

blockchain gaming sucks shit. it’s been 4 years and nobody has been able to produce anything even remotely good.

feels a lot like everything else on chain. a solution in search of a problem — and that problem is “how do we make more money”?

prove me wrong. you can’t 🤡

#videogames #gaming #blockchain #crypto

"Content wrappings aren't necessary, they just add noise to the TL if you auto expand, and are annoying to click every damn time if you leave them closed"

*all of Moby Dick enters the timeline*



Bhí an-díomá orm go bhfaca mé cuntas gramadaí Gaeilge a lean mé anseo & ar twitter a thaitin le post trasfóbach (scriosta le buíochas - moderators iontach!). Sin blocáil toirt!

Very disappointed to have seen a Irish grammar account that I've followed here & on twitter liking a (thankfully deleted - great work moderators!) transphobic post. That's a instant blocking.

#MeasDoDhaoine #Mastodaoine #Trasfóibe #Transphobia

Remember to make your family uncomfortable at the holidays this year!

Hello. I am @maker , the admin account at which is an instance created for handmade artisan shops & businesses in the fediverse.
I curate & share their creations so you can find & follow them more easily.
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Transphobia in irish culutral spheres. 

I suppose i shouldent be suprised that transphobes find fertile ground among the gaelgori. The music, language, dance, and other traditions of ireland are alwayse a wierd 50/50 split between sound punky sorts and wierd right wing goddy sorts. i suspect the latter category is just streight up fascists these days given how everything has fallen in.

I am however, disapointed, and that valid.

QI: "Magenta doesn’t exist on the visible colour spectrum - your brain makes it up."

I'll remember that for fuschia reference.

Postáil frith-trasinscneach 

Absolutely gutted that someone stuck the #MeasDoDhaoine hashtag on a post sharing a transphobic article. Ní meas é sin.

Ghlac sibh leis na rialacha nuair a chruthaigh sibh cúntas anseo. Agus ceann dos na rialacha ná "Nó transphobia"

Why on Earth has nobody introduced me to Goncharov (1973) before now? This might be my new favorite fandom, and it just exploded overnight! It's just such an elaborate tragedy, And there's already so many great readings and really deep dives into the character Archetypes the themes, the music... God I love Tumblr

If you're still on or, you're about to lose track of It's for the safety of our comrades: this is the quieter, kinder part of the fedi where we walk away from instances that can't or don't control harassers.

I know a lot of you on and .online are newcomers who landed there because so many other instances have closed to new accounts. Please take this time to explore the fediverse and find somewhere with more reliable moderation.

Don't worry, you can still dunk on their idiot columnists and worthless hack reporters.

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Reminder that you really should be boycotting the Irish Times because it's a transphobic fash rag that doesn't deserve your clicks x

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