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If you're new to Mastodon, one thing to keep in mind is that there are several different feeds.

Your home feed is just the accounts you follow. That's probably what you'll use most of the time.

The local feed is everything happening on your server — this is a good place to find accounts to follow.

The federated feed is everything coming in from all of the accounts followed by people on your server. You'll probably won't want to stray into there often, or without some pretty good mutes.

Oh Blizzard made an announcement.

The announcement is not important. What is important is, yet again, the timing is deliberate. This time Facebook execs are being accused of taking favors to try to squash news coverage of Blizzard.

Every. Announcement. Hides. A. Scandal.

The only good thing about Mastodon is that I can bend it to my will and do this: :blobby_lewd:

Don't worry, I still drink spirits straight from the bottle to deal with my problems (yes this is sarcasm. Mostly.)

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Anyway, hello everyone new to It's nice here.

New header pic, while that particular instance of Archer was quite appropriate, it's a rather old joke by now.

"Silvenar" is a person, a place, and a concept. M'aiq wonders, how can one thing be three things?

Remember to thank and tip your server admins. 🎉

They're often unpaid volunteers and/or self-employed, but now they suddenly have a lot of work to do to keep your instance working like it does normally.

(Shout out to @stux for making possible. Donate links on their profile)

Any issues that do come up are usually because the modding community are mostly developing for DnD. Can't blame them, it's the most popular game, and making their mods system agnostic is a *lot* of effort for people not getting paid for it.

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A particularly big shoutout must go to the Cubicle 7 modules on Foundry. They used to be "unofficial" but they decided that they were so good they just hired the guy responsible to make them official.
They take care of *so much* book keeping for you it's unreal. Keeps track of Talents, XP spent, character and career advances, even automates a load of the spells that have more mechanics to them than damage. It's truly a joy to run.

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Virtual tabletops have kept me sane for the last two and bit years. Not being able to play in person with people has been harder on me than I thought it would be, but Foundry and Roll20 have been pretty much literal life savers. Foundry moreso, I find it just perfect for my needs more than others.

Even More New Arrivals Meta 

If you worry that you'll run out of righteous (ineffectual) rage without going to The Other Site every day, take it from me. You won't. I nuked my account four years ago. Then I lurked a lot but even that got to be painful. So, absent a big local event where I might want "live" coverage that's not from shitty corporate news types, I'm down to about 5-10 nonconsecutive minutes a week over there...

I finally ran the finale to Enemy Within Vol 1 this weekend. A surprisingly bloodless encounter, given they were bursting into a warehouse of a dozen cultists with a dozen extra thugs outside. Of course it's easy to stare down a dozen thugs when one of you is riding a steed made of shadows and another riding a badger almost as big as a pony...

Fuzzbutt says 'Caption Your Media!' :D

(If you have handwriting like mine, this is essential ;p)

Best prepare for an influx of newbies across instances, given it looks like that prick Musk is buying twitter to avoid admitting he's bad at tweeting.

I am so damn tired all the time. It's very hard to do anything related to TTRPGs lately because, basically, capitalism.

If you're a server admin and you're accepting new users, drop a link under this toot > :D (Lots of people signing up on .art to follow their favourite artists, but I don't think they realise they don't have to live on .art for that :) )

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