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Best prepare for an influx of newbies across instances, given it looks like that prick Musk is buying twitter to avoid admitting he's bad at tweeting.

I am so damn tired all the time. It's very hard to do anything related to TTRPGs lately because, basically, capitalism.

If you're a server admin and you're accepting new users, drop a link under this toot > :D (Lots of people signing up on .art to follow their favourite artists, but I don't think they realise they don't have to live on .art for that :) )

I have been listening to Silk Sonic almost solidly for the last 48 hours and I'm not tired of them. Incredible stuff.

I'm probably late to the party but Love Death and Robots is *really* impressive so far. Gonna have to binge the rest of it this weekend for nightmare fuel inspiration.

It's time for another shameless self promotion!
Being able to write for WFRP is an absolute delight, you end up working with some phenomenally talented people.

If you *almost* enjoyed Dark Souls but the challenge was just a bit too much to let you really have fun, you might find Elden Ring scratches the itch. It's still hard but it gives you a load more options to approach most situations which *almost* sort of balances out.

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And the main bosses have voices, and personalities! There's stuff actually *happening* in this world and the bosses have purpose beyond being big and scary guards of the path to the next region.

It's like there's a tonne of Breath of the Wild Inspiration married to the challenge and complexity of soulsborne mechanics.

They still do a shit job explaining anything. While I like how the story is something you have to piece together, it's not a good choice for controls or basic map functions...

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Elden Ring is... unusually accessible for a Fromsoft game. That's not saying much, but I'm very surprised by how much I'm enjoying it, considering I bounced off all their other games bar Sekiro, and enjoying Sekiro took a lot of effort to begin with.

It's still murderously difficult at times, but when you hit a wall in difficulty the open world gives you plenty of places to explore, level up and have fun instead of grinding souls out of the same corridor for hours.

the idea that humanity can be united by a common enemy should be disproven by the existence of the united states

The campaign itself requires a bit of buy in at the start (There's quite a lot of "Why it's your old friend you've known for years!"), but everyone had their fun and is playing along. Got as far as the mistaken identity thing before finishing up, which is great considering one player is already playing a stolen identity.

Next week: Corruption Points! :D

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I started running WFRP: Enemy Within yesterday. A witch channelling Nanny Ogg, a duellist who can barely hold a rapier, a halfling who's rat pies gave me an excuse to push the soundboard buttons marked "farts" and "man being tortured", a squire who is actually relatively normal and a soldier who won't stop until the Empire is a 32 county socialist republic.

Fairly typical adventuring party, if we're being honest.

Like a fool, I offered to run WFRP's Enemy Within campaign for friends. And now, like a fool, I have to actually run the campaign because I found enough people who can actually agree on a date.

Here endeth the lesson.

Of all the MCU films I like Endgame because it shows us that in order to save the world billionaires have to die

I'm back on the Valheim wagon. It's *technically* a survival/crafting game, but resources are actually very plentiful so it's more a thriving/crafting game with some simple but highly effective combat and real memorable bosses.

It's so SOOTHING to just hop in a longboat with some pals and go sailing. Maybe you'll fight a sea serpent, maybe you'll weather an epic storm and glimpse Thor riding across the sky. It's so good.

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