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I didn't encounter much in the way of bugs at all, with the caveat that I play on PC and rarely bother with human players because jesus have you MET gamers?

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Finished the Aliens: Fireteam campaign. Not bad at all. It's about as much content as Left 4 Dead and people lost their minds at how good that was, so I think I got my money's worth and haven't even tried the horde mode yet.

Lewd but true 


There are app-contolled erectile implants. The have batteries and motors and thus a shorter life than ones with tibt hand pumps, but obviously not everyone can manage a tiny pump.

You just have to manage your sex life via a proprietary app.

I'm sure security is great and nobody's penis is mining bitcoin and nobody is collecting or monetising data.

Judge: What is this digital picture of an open field? Where is your client?
Lawyer: Look at the file format. This is the plain.tiff

Renewing my passport, while necessary, was still a mistake because it reminded me that in the last ten years a lot was taken from me. Same sad eyes, just trapped in a far more worn and damaged meat cage.

Oh holy shit, these authors just drew a line between the moment-by-moment awareness/impermanence of mindfulness and its appeal to corporations who want us to internalize it so we don’t question their restructuring of workplaces with ever-increasing worker precarity. 😳

There once was a singer of old
Who then broke away from the fold
He won't give you up
He won't let you down
In a word, you have been Limerick-rolled

Finished Horizon: Zero Dawn tonight. Quite a journey. I think it lost itself in the middle for a bit, always an issue with huge open world games, but it ended well. I teared up just a little at the end which is impressive given how the absolutely dire state of the world has left me emotionally numb, so kudos to Guerilla for making me feel something for the first time in a month.

hackers breaking into prisons and posting videos of all the abuse that happens there is honestly what should have been happening this whole time as governments expand their surveillance states:

Today I learned you can contact Twitter's data protection officer so I'm requesting all the information about how they mishandled my data during the month a troll kept reporting tweets from 2013 to get me kicked off the site.

I doubt I'll get justice from them, but I'll settle for being really, really annoying.

The continued deliberate incompetence of Twitter Support continues to astound.

Been trapped in this escape room for weeks, I'm not very good at them

small mh story 

rude that perpetual motion machines work, but only for anxiety

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ohhhhhhh i'm a widdle american diplomat and my stummy hurt :( i don't want to go to work. this is castro's fault i think. it's his undead death ray that only hurts american diplomats

We all say we want to live like Diogenes but when's the last time you spit in a rich man's face or threw a plucked chicken at a philosophy professor?

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