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The continued deliberate incompetence of Twitter Support continues to astound.

Been trapped in this escape room for weeks, I'm not very good at them

small mh story 

rude that perpetual motion machines work, but only for anxiety

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Thank you to all who donated to my Comradery! While PayPal is not supported yet, I'd still encourage you to share my page because I will be moving away from Patreon #Patreon # #Comradery # #AmWriting #Writing #WritingCommunity #AmDrafting

ohhhhhhh i'm a widdle american diplomat and my stummy hurt :( i don't want to go to work. this is castro's fault i think. it's his undead death ray that only hurts american diplomats

We all say we want to live like Diogenes but when's the last time you spit in a rich man's face or threw a plucked chicken at a philosophy professor?

Amazing Cultivation Simulator is *so good*. Not many games I've sunk 60+ hours into my first go would have me considering restarting completely now I have more of an idea of what I'm doing, but this one is just so up my alley.

Granted, a lot of that time was figuring out what was actually meant in the somewhat dodgy translation, but god damn if running your own supernatural martial arts monastery isn't compelling as all heck.

Covid and people 

Never not amazed in the worst possible way by people who think you can "Personal responsibility" your way out of a public fucking health crisis. Fucking hell.

The Spooky Scary Skeletons lyrics have the same rhythm as the lyrics to Whiplash by Metallica. Good luck listening to either from now on.

UK mainstream anti-Blackness via the proxy of "anti-wokeness" 

"Woke" originates from Blackness to refer to Black political energisation and radicalisation. Institutions declaring themselves "anti-woke" are declaring themselves opposed to Black liberation, whether they realise it or not. Maybe those institutions think it's merely a trendier way of saying "political correctness", which (again unknown to them because they have zero awareness) is really a more obfuscated way of saying the same thing.

“Your life began with a kind of singularity. A personal Big Bang. Without warning, you emerged from unconsciousness into a sea of light, color, smell, faces, feelings, and other completely unexpected phenomena, and there was nothing to do but attempt to navigate it. It was the ultimate “cold open” – no context, no explanation, just things happening.“

Of all the issues resulting from isolation during this pandemic, being the go-to IT support for my family will probably be the one that kills me.

fediblock recommendation, racism, transphobia

seems self-explanatory, their users harass people from other instances and now they're posting up white supremacist shit and saying "its just a joke bruh"


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