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ALSO it's just really nice to listen to some really upbeat metal/rock for a change. I don't listen to nearly enough of that.

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Simply in awe of the musicianship on display here. Each instrument has its own space to play and be heard, the two drummers even focus on different beats so you hear both. Each musician is clearly very skilled, but they all get a moment to show off too, and they are SO GOOD at it.

I can't speak a word of Japanese but I know talent when I hear it.

re: More birdsite rubbish 

Some day, I suspect I'll write a wee essay about just how pathetic Twitter Support is. Thankfully I have plenty of other, more interesting and productive things to keep me from that right now. Banging my head slowly against a wall, for example.

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More birdsite rubbish 

Rather amused to see that not only are my appeals being ignored (that's a whole month now), they've tried to stop me making any more appeals, and they retroactively changed the reason they claim a tweet broke their rules, to another rule it doesn't break.

Even for Twitter Support this is a cack-handed, unprofessional, threadbare excuse for "support"

from Afrofuturist Abolitionists of the Americas:

Disabled Black Trans Femme
One of our long time admins and also a brilliant theorist and friend whose words and insights have been shared many times on this page is facing homelessness in the next two days. We are trying to raise at least $2000 for rent at a new place they haven’t found yet. Please support and share widely, and let’s come through for the sib, thank you🔥

@cadadr let me actually expand on this, because i think it's worth doing:

racism and misogyny intersect so much, that we have a word for it: misogynoir

misogynoir and transmisogyny, also intersect: black women, and trans women of any colour have our womanhood questioned, our motherhood, our sexuality.
this intersects enough, but also black trans women are far more affected, that you'll be hard pressed to find a black feminist who is a TERF

Terfdom is firmly rooted in white supremacy.

I was thinking of reading up on some astrophysics to flesh out my little Arks/magic is just solving multidimensional equations in realtime setting and happened across galactic filaments when I was having a look at dark matter/dark energy and if this isn't the most awe-inspiring shit I've ever read

Genuinely would love to see fewer people defending gifted and talented classes "as necessary" because "regular classes are so boring" and maybe, just maybe!

Actually pushing for learning environments that are engaging and interesting for *everyone*.

Coriolis game is back, baby! The move to Foundry had some minor hiccups (I really have to figure out that compendium better so players can actually SEE the items and tables I want them to), but a good time was had, and it seems to perform significantly better than Roll20 did. So I'm quite happy.

My Coriolis campaign gets back on its feet tomorrow. I've transferred it from roll20 to Foundry. Here's hoping being the game's server as well as GM doesn't cause a load of problems

Just a friendly reminder

Mastodon doesn't need your patreon money nearly as much as your local instance owners do

Periodic reminder you can get my book Healing Rites DRM free epub or pdf for just £5!

6 stories charting the journey through recovery of a non-binary mage who has had a stroke. Xe helps others overcome their problems to help overcome xeir own which imo is a mood...
(full list of CWs at the link!)

Other stories available for free/pwyw on my creator pages too.

Mastodon grumbling 

If Eugen is so ashamed of the monster he's created that he feels the majority of it should be hidden away like a dirty little secret in the official iOS app he could use that shame towards building better tools towards a healthier and safer social space like people have been literally begging for and suggesting since 2017

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@Gargron but it's a feature you built into this thing, an aspect of the culture of this network, and new users need to be made aware that's the sort of instant public exposure they're putting themselves out to. Hiding that other users en-masse can see what they're posting in public doesn't give new users an accurate and early sense of their reach, potential audience, and the risks that can bring with it

The halfling starts coming up with Scooby Doo-esque schemes to run the family off with a pack of zombies (we sort of inherited a pack of zombies, they're hidden in the woods right now), and my half-elf swordmistress begins mentally preparing for the seeming inevitability of murdering a family of three.

Long story short, he sold the deed back to us for like 3 gold (he'd have settled for a fraction of that, but... *halflings", man), and nobody had to be murdered at all, which was nice.

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This Forbidden Lands session: We arrived home at our stronghold. A lumberjack and his family have been maintaining it while we're away, and our halfling tells him if he wants to build another cottage nearby he can sort him out with a deed. He then proceeds to explain that a deed is a piece of paper that says you own the house.

Later that day we return from town. The lumberjack welcomes us back to "his" home. He has written a deed that says he owns the place. I nearly murder the halfling.

Today's Forbidden Lands quote: "Ha, you have congenital harpies"

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