The campaign itself requires a bit of buy in at the start (There's quite a lot of "Why it's your old friend you've known for years!"), but everyone had their fun and is playing along. Got as far as the mistaken identity thing before finishing up, which is great considering one player is already playing a stolen identity.

Next week: Corruption Points! :D

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I started running WFRP: Enemy Within yesterday. A witch channelling Nanny Ogg, a duellist who can barely hold a rapier, a halfling who's rat pies gave me an excuse to push the soundboard buttons marked "farts" and "man being tortured", a squire who is actually relatively normal and a soldier who won't stop until the Empire is a 32 county socialist republic.

Fairly typical adventuring party, if we're being honest.

Like a fool, I offered to run WFRP's Enemy Within campaign for friends. And now, like a fool, I have to actually run the campaign because I found enough people who can actually agree on a date.

Here endeth the lesson.

Of all the MCU films I like Endgame because it shows us that in order to save the world billionaires have to die

I'm back on the Valheim wagon. It's *technically* a survival/crafting game, but resources are actually very plentiful so it's more a thriving/crafting game with some simple but highly effective combat and real memorable bosses.

It's so SOOTHING to just hop in a longboat with some pals and go sailing. Maybe you'll fight a sea serpent, maybe you'll weather an epic storm and glimpse Thor riding across the sky. It's so good.

@Z Aye, that can be an issue, especially when characters have a class that simply prevents them from diversifying. Times like that one has to do some extra legwork tailoring the game so the players aren't overwhelmed or have the skills needed to progress. Which can lead down some very interesting roads to be fair, so it's worth exploring.

@Z I will die on the hill of "no more than 5 for any game". Any more for me is just... too much management. Fewer players means each character can more comfortably fill a skill niche without stepping on someone else's toes, players talk over each other less, they fit round a table better... It's just really convenient to me.

@ossifog When I got to the "licking foam out a cast of the chef's mouth" I had to stop for a break. It's deranged and I love it

I get far too much enjoyment out of utterly cursed restaurant reviews. You should not, as a general rule I feel, be able to tell from the courses that the chef has a cumswapping fetish

There's a weird little unfinished comic series called Outer Darkness, that'd make an awesome setting for a .

It's set in a space opera sort of universe that's full of supernatural horror. Deep space is full of horrific ghosts, demons, and spirits. The tone is sort of a grim, Lovecraftian Star Trek.

Starships are powered by bound gods that demand human sacrifice for FTL travel. Ship's crews have oracles, exorcists, and morticians who can resurrect the souls of dead crewmen.

Mutual aid (financial) request 

Hi all, hate to do this, especially this time of year but SAD, brain worms, and lack of sick pay at work is kicking my ass, so any help would be appreciated.

Buy my books (kindle royalties take 3 months to clear so itch is preferred!) if you want something back for your donation:

I'm pleasantly surprised by Terminator: Resistance. It gets the mood and atmosphere across really well. Now, hopefully I can finish it in time for the release of the Terminator TTRPG.

The Alder Swamp

Ink and watercolour pencil on A3 paper. Prints are for sale for 38 USD + shipping c:

#art #nature #TraditionalArt #creepy #MastoArt #CreativeToots

Given the Gates Foundation role in limiting vaccine access and promoting the mutation of new variants, once we run out of Greek letters, I propose new covid variants be named after Windows versions.

Covid XP, Covid Vista, Covid 11, Covid for Workgroups.

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